This apprenticeship is designed to enable you to support roles in all sectors of the economy including finance, IT, and public services and professional services. There are four pathways to choose from: Business Management, Financial Services, Business Analysis and Project Management.

What's the qualification?

Business Analysis Pathway:

  • You’ll gain an honours degree in Business Management or Business Analysis at SCQF Level 10

What will I learn?

You’ll be expected to achieve some learning outcomes by the end of your apprenticeship.

For Business Analysis these include:

  • Understand the organisation and the environment it operates in
  • Define and manage business requirements
  • Develop and improve processes
  • Manage stakeholder engagement and collaboration
  • Contribute to the management of risks
  • Manage quality processes
  • Organise and facilitate meetings
  • Develop personal professionalism

What are meta-skills?

Meta-skills are important skills that help you to improve:

  • performance and productivity
  • adaptability
  • resilience 

For apprentices, meta-skills are a critical asset, supporting your ability to:

  • cope and excel in the face of change
  • solve problems
  • collaborate with others
  • create successful futures

Where could it take me?

When you complete this apprenticeship at SCQF level 10, it includes the achievement of an honours degree. This opens the door to many opportunities for progression in work and further learning. 

This apprenticeship supports you to develop meta-skills. These help to support high performance, resilience, self-awareness and continuous learning.

Straight to a job

Successful apprentices completing the Business Analysis pathway could gain employment in the following areas;

  • Senior Business Analyst
  • Lead Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Product Owner

Further education 

If you would like to continue with further study, the following options are available for Business Analysis:

  • Post-graduate study (eg a Master’s Degree in Business Administration or a Master’s Degree in Project Management)
  • Professional qualifications from a range of bodies including the British Computer Society (BCS) and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

 Professional registration

This apprenticeship supports professional recognition as it includes learning and skills outcomes common to a number of the professional qualifications relevant to the project management and business analysis sectors.

Together with your employer and learning provider, you'll work out the professional pathway that's right for you. Your learning provider will guide you on the professional registration process to follow. 

Entry requirements

Entry requirements will vary by course and institution. Vacancy advertisements provide specific information on the qualifications required by the delivery institution for each GA. Alternatively, you can contact a university or college directly for guidance on entry requirements.


A GA at SCQF level 10 (honours degree level) will take up to four years to complete. A GA at SCQF level 8 or 9 (high apprenticeship) and SCQF level 11 (professional body qualification) will take up to two years to complete.

Some individuals may complete the GA in a shorter period of time because the format means they can attend university or college outwith traditional term times.

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