Participant recruitment

Your checklist

During this time:

  • Remember to work with your employers to advertise any vacancies you have on

  • When advertising and promoting apprenticeship opportunities, it is important to include a general statement that makes clear your commitment to promoting equality and valuing diversity. For example, “We are an equal opportunities employer and welcome applications from all suitably qualified persons regardless of their race, sex, disability, religion/belief, sexual orientation or age”.

  • Check the participant is eligible to participate on an approved Modern Apprenticeship framework

  • Check they have a Scottish Candidate Number, if they're taking a course accredited by the SQA

  • A blank Training Agreement and Information Exchange Statement must be completed for each participant. Guidance on this is available here. This must be signed by the participant, employer and you as a training provider, before their details are entered into the Funding Information and Processing System (FIPS)

  • Within two weeks of becoming a 'start', you should undertake an Initial Assessment with each participant. 

  • All re-entrants to the MA programme must follow the normal process for programme entry. Re-entry and any financial adjustments are subject to the prior approval of SDS which will, if given, be confirmed in FIPS.

  • Check if the participant requires additional support or specialists equipment to do their training. If so, let them know they can apply for support with Access to Work funds through Jobcentre Plus.

  • Read our short guides on welcoming a new recruit and funding and support for more information about making reasonable adjustments and in-work support for apprentices.

  • If the participant is disabled and/or care experienced, enhanced funding may be available. To claim funding the participant must voluntarily complete and sign a statement (MA Programme Rules; appendix 13). The provider should follow these steps to claim the higher level funding. Keep the signed statement for audit and upload to FIPS.

  • Ask each participant to complete an Equality Monitoring Form (MA Programme Rules appendix 11).

  • Get each participant to sign their Training Agreement, and agree to share their information by completing the Information Exchange and Cooperation Statement. Retain these for audit.

    The Training Agreement should be signed by you, the participant, and the employer, and the details entered into FIPS within four weeks of the start date. If you haven't already, refer to the FIPS guides and training videos.

  • Any changes to the Training Agreement must be signed at the next review by the participant and by you. If the qualification is changed, the employer needs to sign too. Retain copies of each version of the TA for audit.

  • Agree an Individual Training Plan with the participant. This can be reviewed and updated as they progress. It must be signed by you as the provider, the participant, and the employer before a claim for the first milestone payment is made. You can see an example of this, and guidance, in appendix 2a and appendix 2b of the Modern Apprenticeship Programme Conditions.

  • Get the participant to complete, sign and date their Participant and Provider Declaration. Keep this for audit.

  • Register each participant with an Awarding Body and Sector Skills Organisation, before claiming a milestone. The participant must be registered for the relevant group award, as well as the relevant units.

  • Ask participants to register on My World of Work