Learner recruitment

Learner recruitment

As Foundation Apprentices are still at school, you need to make sure the recruitment process coincides with key timelines of the school academic year. There is a lot of support to help you recruit Foundation Apprentices.    

Understand the timelines  

Read ourrecruitment guide. It has details of when to raise awareness of your Foundation Apprenticeship and when to recruit, so it aligns with the school year.   

Engage with stakeholders 

Working with schools, local authorities, parents and pupils is essential for delivering Foundation Apprenticeships. We also have an Employer Engagement Guide.

Use our helpful recruitment resources  

Make use of ourFoundation Apprenticeship Marketing Resources. They can help you promote your apprenticeships. We’ve got Marketing and Publicity Guidelines too for information on promoting Foundation Apprenticeships.   

Support new learners 

We have a short Welcome Guide on how to ease first-day nerves for new apprentices. It tells you what to do before they start and on their first day. It also describes how to make adjustments for learners who need additional support.