Quality assurance

Quality assurance and improvement

The Work Based-learning Quality Assurance (QA) team makes sure all our funded training is delivered to a high standard, and always benefits apprentices and learners. Our Assessors lead on the process of quality assurance. It includes reviewing documents you’ll need to complete each year and, with notice, making visits to review your organisation’s progress.   

Using our quality assurance and improvement processes means you see areas where your delivery is strong and where it could improve. 

Complete a self-assessment and action plan  

As a provider, you need to show you’re meeting quality standards while delivering Skills Development Scotland (SDS) funded training. You’ll do this by completing a Self-Assessment (SA) and Quality Action Plan (QAP) Workbook.   

You need to send the completed workbook to SDS by the end of April each year. Your Quality Assessor and Skills Investment Adviser (SIA) will then review it.    

Prepare for your self-assessment, by reading the Quality Assurance and Improvement Framework and Self-Assessment Guidance. 

We'll make quality review visits   

We’ll tell you at the start of each financial year if Quality Assessors are going to visit and review your organisation. The assessors will review documents, including your QAP. They will also interview apprentices, employers and partners, and observe work practices.  

The length of the review visit will normally be between 2-5 days, depending on the scale of your provision.  

You can find out how to prepare for a review visit in the Quality Assurance and Improvement Framework. 

You'll get review results   

After a review visit, you'll get a detailed report which includes a grade indicating how well you meet the SDS quality standards. Within four weeks of the visit, you’ll receive a draft of this to check for accuracy. You'll normally receive the final report within four to six weeks of the visit completion date. 

You’ll update your QAP with improvement actions from the report and then meet regularly with your SIA to discuss what progress you’ve made on the planned actions.  

Find out about the grading and scoring and what to do after a visit in our Quality Assurance and Improvement Framework.