Contract offer

Contract offer

Between January and March, contract offers are issued. You’ll receive a standstill letter. It lets you know the number of starts you’ve been awarded. You’ll also know what other providers have received.

After the letter is issued, you have a 10-day standstill period to review all the information and legally challenge your award if applicable.

Award letter and contract

If your bid is successful, and no legal challenges are made, you’ll receive a contract award offer to deliver Modern Apprenticeships.

Sign your contract

You should do this and return the contract to Skills Development Scotland by following the instructions in the contract award offer. At this point, you’ll be assigned a Contract Executive from Skills Development Scotland (SDS).

When you are a Modern Apprenticeship learning provider, it’s time to start preparing for your contract being activated.

Continue to our step-by-step guide to find out how and what other steps you need to consider once your contract is active. 

Use our presentations

Due to the current physical distancing guidelines, we've created presentations with a voice-over to guide you through the stages of delivering an apprenticeship. These can be found in our publications area.