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Youth Work

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£9,880 per year Dundee Part-time (20 Hours) GMD Community Services 05/12/2020 SCQF Level 5
This employer is part of the Disability Confident scheme. This means if you identify yourself as disabled, and meet the minimum criteria for this job, you should be offered an interview.

Job overview

New funding has been made available by the Life Changes Trust (with property match funding from Hillcrest Homes) to establish a visionary and innovative new young person led organisation called Hame, which will develop and manage new homes for care experienced young people in Dundee aged 16+. Founding partners in this project are Helm and Hillcrest.

The new homes are being developed within Dundee and the design of these have been shaped by the young people who will be able to live there in the future. There will be some shared facilities and opportunities to take part in activities and events.

Tenants can also have access to work experience and employment opportunities within Helm. As well as having the opportunity to join and form 50% of the Board of the new organisation, Hame.

Hillcrest Homes will fund and take a lead role in enabling all property refurbishment and will provide advice on all property related matters.

Helm Training Limited will take a lead role in and providing project management support and guidance and enabling all employability and transition support work.

Helm and Hillcrest will be members of the Project Board, and of the Board of the new enterprise Hame, alongside the care experienced young people who become tenants in the new homes and a number of other stakeholders.

Please note that you are required to complete a job application form, details of this can be found on the Helm Training Ltd website and go to the News section.

What will I learn?

You will learn the following skills within this role:
Learning to talk to others
Team Work
Basic IT skills

What qualification or qualities are required?

You’ll have a head start in this vacancy if you’ve completed a Foundation Apprenticeship in a related field. We’ll need you to provide evidence of your qualification and show you gained the relevant skills from your placement

Essential (these are “must-haves” – and you need to have all of them, to be the best fit for this job)

• You must have some lived experience of care. This includes
- “kinship care” (living with a relative who is not your mother or father)
- being “looked after at home” (when social work has been involved in supporting your family)
- living in residential care (eg. at a unit)
- or living with foster parents.
You do not have be currently in care, just have had previous experience of care.

• You must be aged 16-29.

• You must be from Dundee, Angus or Perth and Kinross, although you may have now moved away. Preference will be given to young people from Dundee, as knowledge of Dundee is important for this project

• You will be really interested in making a difference for young people in Dundee

• You will be good at listening, and (reasonably) confident talking to a wide range of people

• You will like working with other people in a team, be able to look out for other people in your team, and work positively with them

• You will be able to plan ahead to make sure you and others achieve tasks well and on time

• You will be able to show that you can be reliable and work as part of a team who will be relying on you.

• You will be prepared to roll up your sleeves, learn new skills and take risks to test out new things

Desirable (these may help you get the job, but they are not “must-haves”)

• Good phone, numeracy, literacy and IT skills
• Some work or volunteering experience

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