IT: Hardware and System Support

Foundation Apprenticeship


What's IT: Hardware and System Support like?

ICT and digital technologies play a part in everything we do. In Scotland, more than 90,000 people work in digital technology roles. The current average full-time salary is also over 30% higher than the Scottish average.

There’s never been a better time to start your ICT career. A Foundation Apprenticeship in IT: Hardware and System Support could lead to jobs such as:

  • cyber security analyst

  • IT support technician

  • security administrator

  • network manager

As well as tech employers, you’ll find ICT and digital technology jobs in many other sectors such as:

  • healthcare

  • financial services

  • the creative industries

Even if you have not considered or studied digital technologies before, that's ok! These jobs could offer you a way to use your maths, science and problem-solving skills.

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Entry requirements

If you're staying on at school, you can apply for a Foundation Apprenticeship.

How does it work?

You'll do the Foundation Apprenticeship alongside your other school subjects. You'll work on projects with an employer and a learning provider, such as a college. It'll give you an industry-recognised qualification that's great for your CV.

Read our brilliant IT: Hardware and System Support: Foundation Apprenticeship info to see how it all works!

How long will it take?

You'll do your Foundation Apprenticeship over 1 or 2 years starting in S5 or S6. You'll usually do a work placement of about 1 day a week. 

How to apply

If you're staying on at school, you can apply for a Foundation Apprenticeship.

Use the search tool to find out if this subject is available at your school. Then fill out the form that comes next, to let us know you're interested. We'll get back to you with more information.