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Apprenticeship development

How are apprenticeships developed?

Apprenticeships are developed by employers, employees and other stakeholders with expert knowledge. They engage in a process to create an apprenticeship based upon the reality of the workplace. The economic importance and demand for the apprenticeship are also taken into consideration before starting the process. 

How to get involved

Find out about the different ways to get involved in developing an apprenticeship based on your role and how you’d like to take part.

Employee workshops

For employees or people who have completed an apprenticeship, or have the equivalent experience.

Find out about employee workshops

Technical Expert Groups (TEGs)

For employers, including trade unions and education and qualification experts.

Find out about Technical Expert Groups

Wider consultation

For anyone interested in shaping apprenticeships including apprentices, employers, trade unions and professional bodies.

Find out about wider consultation

Watch our Technical Expert Group video

In this video, members of a Technical Expert Group talk about their role in the development of the Project Management apprentice framework. Representatives from business and trade unions explain why it's so important to get involved and bring their practical experience to the process.

Why should I participate?

Get involved

If you think you can help with developing new apprenticeships, please get in touch. We welcome participation from all areas of business, education and public sector, including apprentices and employees.

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A new approach

Find out why the apprenticeship development system has changed and what benefits this brings to the process.

Read about our new approach