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Modern Apprentices learn on the job – gaining skills, experience and qualifications that’ll kick-start your career.

You’ll learn real-life industry skills while you work towards a qualification that’s accredited by the SQA.

As long as you’re aged 16 or over, a Modern Apprenticeship could be the right fit for you. Use our vacancy search below to get started.

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We get it. Filling out applications and making decisions about your future can be intimidating. Head over to our friends at My World of Work to get some brilliant tips on applying for jobs and apprenticeships, as well as guidance that’ll help you build your confidence in decision-making.

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Mental health support

Difficulty thinking about your future, concentrating, or speaking to the people around you can be signs that you may be struggling with poor mental health. It's okay to be feeling this way, and there's loads of support out there for you.

Think about speaking to your parents, or a trusted teacher about how you're feeling – or find support through the resource we've developed that's linked below.

Mental Health Resources

Fair Work in Scotland

You have the right to be treated fairly at work. 

The Fair Work Convention is a vision for the country’s workforce.

It states that by 2025, people in Scotland will have a world-leading working life. This will drive success, wellbeing and prosperity for individuals, businesses and society.

Learn about the Fair Work Convention

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