Graduate Apprenticeships

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Kick-start your career by gaining full-time industry experience and a wage – while you get a degree. You’ll split your time between studying at university or college while you work.

To apply, you’ll need to be aged 16 or over and have the right to work in the UK. Most Graduate Apprenticeships have entry requirements that are similar to an undergraduate degree but will also take into consideration alternative paths of learning. Previous completion of a Foundation Apprenticeship is desirable.

If you love learning by actively putting your skills to work, a Graduate Apprenticeship could be the ideal opportunity for you. Use the search to find a vacancy you’re interested in. You will be able to:

  • work with your employer and learning provider to get the best of both worlds
  • go straight into a work environment and learn valuable skills
  • put your learning into practice, solving real problems
  • gain your degree-level qualification with a respected university or college

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Types of Graduate Apprenticeship

Who can apply for Graduate Apprenticeships

Man climbing staircase in BBC Scotland buildingYour apprenticeship will take place in Scotland and you'll need to be a resident here to apply. As part of your application, you'll also need to show you have the right to live and work in Scotland. 

There's no upper age limit on Graduate Apprenticeship. You can apply if you're 16 or over. Some vacancies might be for ages 18 and over because of health and safety requirements.

From 2021, all Graduate Apprentices must apply directly to SAAS for funding. For more information on how to apply, visit the SAAS website.

Already in work? You can complete a Graduate Apprenticeship as an existing employee, too.

Still got questions?

If you're considering applying for a Graduate Apprenticeship and can't find answers to your questions here, we can help. You can speak to one of our advisers by calling 0800 917 8000.

Would I pay for the Graduate Apprenticeship?

No, your learning is funded so there's no cost to you. Plus, you're an employee, so you'll get paid by your employer. If there are additional costs for books, materials and travel you should discuss this with your employer.

Do I have to apply for funding from Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) to cover tuition fees in my Graduate Apprenticeship?

Yes, you will have to apply to Student Awards Agency Scotland annually for each year of your course for tuition fees. These will be paid directly by SAAS to the university you attend. For more information on funding for Graduate Apprenticeships, please visit the visit the SAAS website.

Can I do part of a Graduate apprenticeship? I’d like advanced entry, or to leave at a lower level.

Yes. Graduate Apprenticeships have flexible entry and exit points in the programme so you can begin and leave your course at the right point. The university or college will look at what you have previously studied along with any relevant industry experience and agree your current stage with your employer. The Graduate Apprenticeship is designed so that any previous learning you have done will not be repeated.

Here's an example:

You already have a relevant qualification at SCQF level 8. You then enrol on a Graduate Apprenticeship (GA) at SCQF level 10. You may be able to have some of your GA qualification recognised as being achieved already. This will reduce the amount of time you need to complete the course. However, if you were doing a GA at SCQF level 10 (honours degree level) and left before completing the course, you would only be able to leave with a GA at SCQF level 8 (DipHE level).

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