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A new approach to development

A new approach to apprenticeship development was piloted in 2019/20. It successfully increased direct participation from employers and employees in developing work-based learning that provides the skills needed now and in the future. There is now one, coherent approach to apprenticeship development across all apprenticeships – foundation, modern and graduate levels.


Why has the approach changed? 


What are the benefits of this new approach? 

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Ways to get involved

Find out about the different ways to get involved in developing an apprenticeship based on your role and how you’d like to take part.

Employee workshops

For employees or people who have completed an apprenticeship, or have the equivalent experience.

Find out about employee workshops

Technical Expert Groups

For employers, including trade unions and education and qualification experts.

Find out about Technical Expert Groups

Wider consultation

For anyone interested in shaping apprenticeships including apprentices, employers, trade unions and professional bodies.

Find out about wider consultation

Apprenticeship development

Apprenticeships are developed by employers, employees and other stakeholders with expert knowledge.

Apprenticeship development