Roles and responsibilities

Roles in the group

Technical Expert Groups depend on many different people throughout the process. There are different roles in a Technical Expert Group, depending on what you're able to do.

Group member

As a Technical Expert Group member, you'll:

  • discuss technical skills

  • discuss emerging development

  • give constructive feedback on the draft apprenticeship

  • support the promotion of apprenticeships to your industry contacts

  • contribute on behalf of your employer, not as an individual

  • commit to an induction session and at least 4 half-day meetings over 6 months

The group may contact you for consultation or insight between meetings. They might also make a sub-group to look at specific issues, if needed.


The chair of the group will:

  • give direction and leadership to the group

  • act as an ambassador in their industry for apprenticeship development


The manager of the group will:

  • support the group chair and group members during the development process

  • organise meetings

  • liaise with the technical writer and SDS for the group

  • be the first point of contact for queries

Technical writer

The technical writer will support the group to develop the apprenticeship by providing:

  • analysis of existing standards

  • output from employee workshops

  • other preparatory materials

They'll develop drafts of the apprenticeship for the group to look over, at and between meetings. They should have a background in assessment and standards-setting organisations, professional bodies or private organisations who specialise in:

  • standards development

  • education

  • skills research


Skills Development Scotland (SDS) will arrange the Technical Expert Group meetings. We will make sure that you get all relevant papers before the meeting and that actions are defined afterwards. One of the employers will chair the meetings.

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