Wider consultation

Wider consultation allows us to gather many different views. It means that we can collaborate with people who have a range of skills and knowledge.
We do our consultation online, so anyone across Scotland can take part. We let you know about opportunities to do this by emailing you once you've registered
The consultation takes place once a draft apprenticeship has been developed.

Why have a wider consultation?

It’s important that people with different interests in apprenticeships can get involved. It also allows people to take part who may not fit into the Technical Expert Group role or have less time to commit.

What's involved?

The consultation usually comes after the employee workshops and Technical Expert Groups (TEGs). You take part online and you can contribute as much or as little as you can manage.

Who can take part?

Anyone who's interested in shaping apprenticeships can take part. You could be:

  • a former apprentice
  • an employer
  • a trade union representative
  • someone from a professional body
  • anyone who's interested in the content of the new apprenticeship

It's a great way to help us ensure that apprenticeships are right for you and your industry.

Register your interest

Find out how you could help to develop apprenticeships for future generations.


Other ways to help develop apprenticeships

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Technical Expert Groups

Technical Expert Group members use their expertise to help develop apprenticeships. Find out how you could help.

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Apprenticeship development

Apprenticeships are developed by employers, employees and other stakeholders with expert knowledge.

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