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Bryce does a Modern Apprenticeship alongside his part-time football career.

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Bryce played football with Falkirk for 8 years and was destined for a full-time career. At 16 years old, he turned his attention to his next goal – an apprenticeship. Bryce’s cousin made him aware of a Modern Apprenticeship with Renewable Heat.

He said: “Football is hard. At 16, I realised you need to be really good to make full-time money out of it. That’s when it clicked that I wanted to learn about something else through an apprenticeship.”

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The first 2 years of Bryce’s Plumbing and Heating Modern Apprenticeship were spent learning the basics. He worked closely with his tradesman and improved every day. Last year, Bryce’s tradesman started giving him more responsibility.

Now in 3rd year, the 21-year-old installs his own heating systems. Bryce takes pride in replacing outdated systems with modern, tidy appliances.

A year into his apprenticeship, Bryce reignited his love for football. The former Bo’ness Academy pupil signed for Bo’ness Athletic on a part-time basis.

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As a professional footballer, what made you consider an apprenticeship?

What do you like about your apprenticeship?

What advice would you give to young people considering an apprenticeship?

The tools I’ve gained from this job are mind-blowing. I really enjoy my job and would not change it but I also have football as a backup.


Modern Apprentice, Plumbing and Heating

A young man crouches down while turning a heating valve

The future

Bryce is reaping the benefits of planning ahead. His Modern Apprenticeship has helped him feel professional when dealing with clients.

The former Falkirk player is full steam ahead with his new career in heating. Yet, Bryce continues to earn money through football – his first love.

Bryce said: “When I was younger, I had a dream to be a football player. As you get older, you realise it’s so important to have a backup plan. I have a lot of job satisfaction."

Young man in a black t-shirt looks at a wall

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