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Goudham Suresh is getting hands-on industry experience at BBC Scotland's headquarters in Glasgow.

Goudham's journey

Goudham knows all about the value of apprenticeships. While at St Ninian’s High School, he turned his programming hobby into a Foundation Apprenticeship.

During the 2-year apprenticeship, Goudham worked with Scottish Enterprise and studied at college. This allowed him to earn an extra qualification at the same level as a Higher.

A Foundation Apprenticeship was the perfect algorithm for the teenager. Goudham's work was noted as he was a finalist at the 2020 Scottish Apprenticeship Awards.

Goudham's apprenticeship

Goudham believes his Foundation Apprenticeship was the perfect launchpad for his career. He said: “In my BBC interview I mentioned the Foundation Apprenticeship. Having it on my CV boosted my application."

After finishing school, Goudham had unconditional university offers on the table. The 19-year-old chose to earn while he learned through a Graduate Apprenticeship.

Giffnock-based Goudham works on the Aggregated Metadata Platform. This team manages data which is then used for programmes, productions and broadcasts. He is also part of the Music Rights and Management project – making sure artists get royalties.

I knew a Graduate Apprenticeship would be a good idea. I’ll get my full Bachelor’s degree, work full-time, gain experience and I’m getting paid. It’s a win-win in every aspect.
Goudham Suresh
Graduate Apprentice, Software Engineering

The future

Goudham has just started 3rd year of his BSc Honours Degree in Software Engineering. He’ll soon begin a temporary role with another team which will see him work on the systems that power BBC websites.

The computer whizz said: “I’m really excited to be working in the industry. The Graduate Apprenticeship is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”