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Hannah’s Modern Apprenticeship has given her the confidence she felt was missing, while providing her with work experience and a qualification.

Hannah’s story

After finishing high school, Hannah was struggling to find work. The 24-year-old has cerebral palsy, mild learning difficulties and is a wheelchair user.

She joined ENABLE Scotland in 2016 to help with her job hunt and interviews. She quickly found a work placement in a primary school in Edinburgh. It gave her new skills and boosted her confidence around children.

As a result, her ENABLE employment worker recommended she apply for a Modern Apprenticeship. This meant she could continue to learn more skills, gain qualifications and get paid.

Hannah’s apprenticeship

Hannah feels her apprenticeship is even better than she expected. She likes the work experience and working towards a qualification. But her favourite thing is being with the children and her colleagues.

She’s overcome challenges such as teaching the children how to be safe around her wheelchair. The nursery also made sure there is room for her to move around and they’ve trained staff to help support Hannah’s needs.

"I’m definitely more confident. I’m more open with children and staff about my disability and it teaches them as they get older that everyone’s different.”
Hannah Falconer
Modern Apprentice, Childcare

Hannah’s future

Hannah is continuing to flourish in her apprenticeship. She is more open with the children and colleagues about her disability and she feels it helps the children. They learn from a young age that everyone is different.

Her next step is finishing her apprenticeship and gaining a qualification in Childcare. But more importantly, she is continuing to every moment. Hannah said: “I go home at night and I’ve had a great day; being with the children makes me happy.”