Peyvand Alipoor has overcome a number of challenges to succeed as a Modern Apprentice.

Peyvand’s journey

Peyvand came to Glasgow from Iran as a refugee in 2015. Through a Modern Apprenticeship, she has realised her dream of working with children.

The 26-year-old completed her Modern Apprenticeship Level 7 in Social Services (Children and Young People) in October 2021.

As a mum of 2 young children, Peyvand believes her apprenticeship gave her life a new focus. She was already fluent in three languages and made great progress in her English language skills while working at Somerset Nursery.

Peyvand’s apprenticeship

Mum-of-two Peyvand is building her dream career thanks to her Modern Apprenticeship. Having gained her qualification in October 2021, she is now hoping to get a job in a school.

The 26-year-old had to overcome several challenges ahead of her apprenticeship. English was not Peyvand’s first language and she had 2 young children at home to care for.

Peyvand arrived in Glasgow from Iran in 2015 and believes the Modern Apprenticeship in Social Services (Children and Young People) changed her life. She loved working at Somerset Nursery - it boosted her confidence and helped her English.

Mhairi Wallace, from Glasgow’s Somerset Nursery, said: “Peyvand was a very keen learner from day one. She wanted to gain as much knowledge as possible, which is a good thing.”

“Completing my Modern Apprenticeship has proven to me that there is nothing I cannot do.”
Peyvand Alipoor
Modern Apprentice, Social Services (Children and Young People)

The future

Peyvand’s hard work and dedication have paid off. She was named as a finalist in the Scottish Apprenticeship Awards.

She is now looking to advance her education to prepare her for working in a school setting.

Glasgow-based Peyvand said: “My Modern Apprenticeship has helped me decide what I want from the future. My dream is to work as a teacher or helper at a school.

“The apprenticeship changed everything for me. The way I live, how I interact with my kids, my personal life and confidence levels.”