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Robyn’s apprenticeship is teaching her about new areas of the business and putting her on track to earning a degree, while working full time.

Robyn’s story

Robyn was working for global electrical power and materials company, Mersen, when she heard of the Graduate Apprenticeship in Engineering: Design and Manufacture.

She had no experience in manufacturing before. So, she knew right away that the apprenticeship would benefit her career and improve her skills. It also meant she could continue to work and earn money while working towards a degree. 

Robyn’s apprenticeship

As part of her apprenticeship, Robyn attends the University of Strathclyde while working at Mersen. Any theory she learns at university is put into practice the next day at work.

Her confidence on the job has grown. She’s not only picking up new skills and exploring new areas of the industry, but she’s bringing fresh ideas to her workplace.

She’s putting her own stamp on things by managing her own projects and improving processes in the business, which she’s learned through her studies.

“Being able to work full-time and achieve a degree, while I am getting experience and paid, is so good.”
Robyn Urcia
Graduate Apprentice, Engineering: Design and Manufacture

Robyn’s future

Robyn’s on her way to completing her apprenticeship and earning her degree in 2021. She wants to be a chartered engineer and, in the future, manage her own team.

She was the first graduate apprenticeship in Mersen. But after watching how Robyn has grown, the company have another two colleagues working towards their degree.

Robyn’s also encouraging others to sign up to an apprenticeship. She’s inspiring her younger brother, Kristoff, to consider a foundation apprenticeship as part of his subject choices at school.