Scottish Water

Supta's Graduate Apprenticeship allowed her to develop her skill and progress to management level at Scottish Water, whilst balancing a job and looking after her family.

Supta's story

Originally from Shillong in India, Supta currently works as an IT Partner Management Analyst for Scottish Water.

With a family to support, Supta could not afford to leave her job to go into full-time education but wanted to get industry-recognised qualifications in IT.

She began a Graduate Apprenticeship in IT Business Management at Edinburgh’s Heriot-Watt University last September.

Supta's apprenticeship

In her first semester, Supta was taught how to create an app. She used this as an opportunity to design one to match Scottish Waters’ Vision: “Serving”.

After learning more about customer engagement, Supta came up with her own ideas and solutions to improve ways of working, which Scottish Water are now using.

Supta's line manager Sally Lawson said:  "The Graduate Apprenticeship has given Supta a fantastic opportunity to develop her analysis skills. 

"It has enabled her to bring new ideas and fresh thinking to how we as a business can increase value from our digital partners and suppliers.”

At the end of this apprenticeship I’ll have a degree, but it’s also helped me with my job and to see where I want to be in future. It’s given a whole new dimension to my career.
Supta Das
Graduate Apprentice, Business and I.T

The future

The flexibility of the apprenticeship has ensured that Supta has been able to continue performing her partner analyst role, whilst at the same time gaining an industry-recognised qualification.

Now she feels more positive, confident and clear about her future. In the next five years, she wants to progress to management level at Scottish Water, and the skills she’s gained from her Graduate Apprenticeship will help her to achieve this.