Foundation Apprenticeships

Get real-life work experience that’ll set you up for success


How does a Foundation Apprenticeship work?

As a Foundation Apprentice, you’ll:

  • learn a skill and get work experience – while you’re at school

  • study and work for 1 to 2 years

  • choose from up to 15 apprenticeships

  • get an equal qualification to a National 4, National 5 or Higher

  • do a real job with professionals


You can gain so much from a Foundation Apprenticeship. It'll help you:

  • get valuable work skills

  • find out what you like doing

  • get ready for a Modern or Graduate Apprenticeship

  • move on to a job

  • gain confidence

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A Foundation Apprenticeship opens doors! You could move on to paid apprenticeship roles, college, university or full-time work. Use our exploration tool to see where your Foundation Apprenticeship could take you.

What apprenticeship could you do?

There are 15 types of Foundation Apprenticeship. Some examples are:

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