Foundation Apprenticeship Civil Engineering

Female Civil Engineering Foundation Apprentice examines work in an engineering office

Our towns and cities are designed and built by civil engineers.

They create everything from our tallest buildings, to canals, bridges and even electricity networks.

A Foundation Apprenticeship (FA) in Civil Engineering could be the building block you need for a career in the industry.

The Foundation Apprenticeship

An FA Civil Engineering helps you discover what a career in civil engineering would be like, and if it’s right for you – while you're still at school. You’ll try different engineering roles, shadow experienced engineers, or do a special project. You’ll build the practical skills and experience you need to do the job well.

What qualifications will I gain?

You’ll be assessed throughout your FA Civil Engineering. At the end, you’ll achieve a Foundation Apprenticeship (Group Award) in Civil Engineering at SCQF Level 6, which includes:

  • A National Certificate in Civil Engineering (at SCQF Level 6)
  • At least one unit from the SVQ3 in Civil Engineering (at SCQF Level 6)

Where could it take me?

With a FA Civil Engineering you could:

  • Gain direct entry into second year of onto the Modern Apprenticeship in Civil Engineering Contracting or Civil Engineering Consultancy at SCQF Level 6
  • Explore options for a related Graduate Level Apprenticeship in Civil Engineering
  • Continue your studies at college or university
  • Go straight into a job in the construction sector


The graphic shows where an FA could take you. It could lead to a GLA in Civil Engineering, an MA in a related subject, or a college or university course in civil engineering. Typical jobs include Civil Engineer, construction manager, or structural engineer. Skills gained include work readiness, numeracy skills, working with others, problem solving, organisational skills and time management.

Find a Foundation Apprenticeship

Pick your area to see which courses are available. The Foundation Apprenticeship programme is still expanding, so what you can do depends on your school.