Frequently asked questions about Graduate Level Apprenticeships

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Our section on Graduate Level Apprenticeships is full of information on what's available. Or, you can browse the FAQs below.

Would I be an employee or a student?

You'd be an employee, spending about 80% of your time with your employer. You'd spend the rest of your time with a university or college. You'll be enrolled in your university or college, so you can access facilities and benefits the same as any other student.

Your employer and the university or college providing the course decide the exact split between work and learning. Some employers will send their apprentices to university or college one day a week, but others might decide on online learning, or blocks of learning for several weeks throughout the year. 

How long will it take to complete a GLA?

It depends on the level of your qualification. A GLA at SCQF level 10 (honours degree level) will take up to 4 years to complete and a GLA at SCQF level 8 (Dip HE level) will take up to 2 years to complete.

Because you can attend uni or college outwith normal term time, you could complete the qualification faster. Depending on what you've done in the past, you might be allowed advanced entry, so you could complete the qualification sooner.

When will vacancies be posted?

GLAs will be advertised throughout 2017. We'll keep updating the Graduate Level Apprenticeships page with new vacancies, so keep checking back.

What qualifications do I need to apply for a GLA?

It depends on the course you're applying for, and the uni or college that's delivering it. The employer might take previous industry experience or qualifications into account. For example, if you've already completed a Modern Apprenticeship and want to progress to a GLA in the same subject.

Can I do part of a GLA? I’d like advanced entry, or to leave at a lower level.

Yes. Graduate Level Apprenticeships have flexible entry and exit points so you can begin and leave your course, at the right point. The university or college will take into consideration what you have previously studied along with any relevant industry experience and agree your current stage with your employer. The GLA is designed so that any previous learning you have done, will not be repeated.

For example, if you've already got a relevant qualification at SCQF level 8, before enrolling on a GLA at SCQF level 10, you might be able to have part of your GLA qualification recognised as being achieved already. This will cut down the amount of time you spend on the course. 

However, if you leave a GLA at SCQF level 10 before completing the course, you'll only be able to leave with a GLA at SCQF level 8.

Would I pay for the Graduate Level Apprenticeship?

No, your learning is funded so there's no cost to you. Plus, you're an employee, so you'll get paid by your employer. Any additional costs in relation to books, materials and travel should be discussed with your employer.

Is there other funding available to me while I am doing a GLA?

As a paid employee, you wouldn't be eligible for SAAS funding. The uni or college delivering the GLA course can help you find out if there are any other grants or bursaries available to you.

What happens if I am unable to meet the academic demands of the course?

If your academic work doesn't meet the required standard, you'll be offered resits in line with the university or college policy. If you are not successful in resits, you'll be offered an award at the last achievement level (for example an Ordinary Degree, Diploma of Higher Education, or Certificate of Higher Education).

What happens if my employer terminates my employment before I complete my GLA?

If you employer can no longer keep you in employment, you'll have the option to continue your apprenticeship with another employer, where available, or to join a related course with the university or college who is delivering your learning. Skills Development Scotland will be involved to provide support.

Can I go from a Foundation or Modern Apprentice to a Graduate Level Apprentice?

Yes. If you've completed a Foundation Apprenticeship or Modern Apprenticeship in the same subject, you can apply to become a Graduate Level Apprentice studying the same subject, if there are vacancies. The Graduate Level Apprenticeship is designed so that previous learning will not be repeated. The employer and university will ensure that you join the programme at the right level, recognising any prior learning you've done.

Are GLAs accredited by professional bodies?

In most cases, the GLA courses have been mapped to professional body standards so you'll be able to apply for membership to any professional body relevant to your industry once you've achieved your qualification.

Still got questions?

If there's something you're still not sure about concerning Graduate Level Apprenticeships, our team should be able to help.