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If you're interested in a career in accountancy or finance, this Foundation Apprenticeship gives you the unique opportunity to get real workplace knowledge and experience plus an industry recognised qualification.

Study for an accountancy apprenticeship and learn unique skills, such as managing a company's money and securing business deals. Everything you learn will help you thrive in the workplace.

With a Graduate Apprenticeship in Accounting, you will gain the knowledge to become an integral part of a business, managing accounts and finance.

Have you dreamed of playing football at a professional level or winning medals as an athlete? This apprenticeship can help turn your passion into a career. You'll develop skills to make you successful on the pitch or the track

Help people develop a healthy lifestyle and teach them about the value of mental discipline. Studying for an apprenticeship in active leisure, learning and wellbeing can give you the opportunity to change the way someone thinks about fitness.

Learn how to shape the future of Scotland's food industry with this agriculture apprenticeship. Agriculture involves the management of crops, meat and fish and you can be part of a sector that's focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Aquaculture involves the production of fin fish and shellfish like tuna, halibut, mussels and scallops. The apprenticeship will teach you different skills, such as the safe handling of different species of fish and how to manage seafood in an ethical way.

If you'd enjoy spending your working hours out at sea or working with marine life, then the aquaculture industry could be where you find your ideal job. Aquaculture involves the production of fin fish and shellfish and studying this apprenticeship will help you develop specialist knowledge in this field.

Study for an automotive apprenticeship and find a job you're passionate about. This apprenticeship helps you develop vehicle maintenance and body repair skills. Whether you like classic cars or modern motors, you'll find a role that suits you.


If you have a love for the outdoors and enjoy constructing or making things, then a boat building and repair apprenticeship could be for you. You'll learn about fabrication and welding, boat carpentry and joinery, marine electrics and marine engineering all while working by Scotland's coast.

This technical apprenticeship can help you move forward with your career. You'll learn several skills, such as how to create lasting client relationships and how to inspire trust among co-workers.

Do you want to lead your own team one day? Are you determined to run your own company? If so, this modern apprenticeship gives you the skills to succeed in the business world.

The Foundation Apprenticeship is rooted in the highly respected profession of business administration. And, you'll get the opportunity to learn about other management and business priorities, such as: digital marketing, procurement, supply chain management and enterprise.


Are you passionate about helping others? If so, you could use that passion to help people find the best career for them. Study an apprenticeship in career development and begin the first stage in your journey to become a careers adviser.

Scotland’s career development sector is fast-paced and there’s lots of jobs to choose from.  Study for a technical apprenticeship in career development and be part of an sector that is dedicated to ongoing personal development, training and providing job support.

Make a difference in a child's life by working in the social services industry. Studying for a technical apprenticeship in childhood practice gives you the chance to shape the future of the next generation.

Civil engineering covers a huge range of jobs, like:civil engineer, civil engineering technician, quantity surveyor, town planner, structural engineer, construction manager and land surveyor.

Community development is an approach to achieving social change. You can help those suffering from disadvantage and social injustice and improve the lives of vulnerable people in our communities. If you're looking for regular training and growth in a diverse sector, this is the apprenticeship for you.

The construction industry is a fast moving and diverse industry with my occupational routes. The Construction Industry Training Board has identified the sector as having four distinct areas: Construction Building, Construction Civil Engineering, Construction Specialist and Construction Technical and Professional. The aim of this Professional Apprenticeship is to develop talent in a range of construction occupations in order to provide the industry with a well-trained productive workforce.

This technical apprenticeship is ideal for anyone who wants to contribute to Scotland's landscape and progress in their construction career. You'll learn the skills to help you progress to a managerial role in the construction industry.

If you want to help build something that lasts, then an apprenticeship in construction could be what you're looking for. Learn how to work with materials like timber and be part of an industry that is shaping the future of Scotland.

Creating a building from the ground up is an accomplishment. If you're interested in developing your building skills, then studying for a construction apprenticeship could help you find your ideal job.

Build the future of Scotland's cities by studying an apprenticeship in construction. You'll have the chance to create something from scratch and join one of Scotland's most versatile sectors.

Courts and tribunals are a central part of the Scottish Justice system and provide administrative support to Scottish Courts and Tribunals and to the judiciary of those courts, including the High Court of Justiciary, Court of Session, Sheriff Courts, Justice of the Peace Courts and to the Office of the Public Guardian and Accountant of Court. Apprentices will gain a wide range of technical and/ or administrative skills within Courts, Tribunals and supporting services.

Study a creative and cultural apprenticeship and help show the country at its best. Work in our theatres, museums, community centres, galleries or world-renowned events, like Celtic Connections and the Edinburgh Fringe.

Whether you are a storyteller, artist, techie or designer, there is a job for you in Scotland's creative sector. It covers broadcasting, TV, journalism, design, textiles, publishing, gaming and more.

The apprenticeship is ideal for anyone who is looking to gain more experience in customer service. You'll learn about shopping behaviour and how to take responsibility for customer relationships.

With a Graduate Apprenticeship in Cyber Security, you'll build a career in a fast paced sector where new job roles and competencies evolve quickly. We've worked with the employers, college and universities in the IT industry to create this qualification. This means you'll be gaining the skills, knowledge and understanding that the industry expects from a graduate.


Data analysts can work in any industry. You could work as a data analyst and create an online strategy for a big company. Or you could work as a marketing executive in an agency and apply your knowledge to different campaigns.

With a Graduate Apprenticeship in Data Science, you'll build a career in a fast paced sector where new job roles and competencies evolve quickly.

Studying for a dental nursing apprenticeship can lead to range of job opportunities. Work as a dental hygienist and protect patients against illness. Or help to educate people as an oral health promotion officer.

The design apprenticeship is great for anyone who is new to design and wants to develop their knowledge. You'll have the chance to work in a creative environment, learn to follow a design process, as well as research, test and apply design techniques.

Whether you're interested in IT or digital marketing, the apprenticeship can teach you valuable skills. You'll have the chance to learn about different application software packages and multimedia platforms. Learn what it means to set up an IT system and provide ongoing support.

Whether you're interested in Instagram or Facebook, there's a job for you in the digital marketing industry. This apprenticeship is ideal for anyone who wants to work in a fast paced, creative environment. No day in digital marketing is ever the same.


With a Graduate Apprenticeship in Early Learning and Childcare, build a rewarding career caring for children; to help them grow into happy, healthy and confident young adults.

The apprenticeship offers the chance to learn a variety of skills. You'll learn how to install and maintain electrical systems across a variety of sites, such as hospitals, stadiums and housing projects.

The apprenticeship is suited for people who are safety-focused. You'll be able to learn about the latest anti-terrorist technology and how to apply is to offices, businesses and homes. You can also develop your knowledge of security systems and contribute to the enhancements of existing machines.

Engineers bring ideas to life. They design, create, test and improve all sorts of products and processes. From James Watt's steam engine to Andy Scott's Kelpies, Scotland is great at engineering.

The apprenticeship is designed to help you succeed in the engineering industry. You can learn how to create modern structures such as roads or tunnels. You'll have the chance to work with the latest engineering technology and put your ideas into practice.

This apprenticeship supports Engineering roles across many different areas of work such as such as Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Manufacturing, Digital Manufacture, Design Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, Metrology, and Welding.

The goal of the apprenticeship is to enable you to apply advanced engineering practice and principles in supporting and making engineering and manufacturing decisions.

Engineering construction involves the creation and maintenance of projects across the oil, water, pharmaceutical, nuclear and environmental industries. You'll have the chance to learn about renewable energy sources such as geothermal energy and how to use it to its full potential.

This technical apprenticeship is great for anyone who wants to develop specialist engineering skills. Learn about different manufacturing techniques like moulding and shearing. Develop your understanding of advanced engineering industries such as telecommunications.

The apprenticeship can provide you with a range of skills, such as horse welfare, yard instruction and racing organisation. The skills you develop can help you work in a riding school, livery club, or competition enclosure.


Facilities management involves a mix of risk assessment, organisation and building maintenance. Learn how to manage properties and make them environmentally sustainable. Use the latest technology to help create a comfortable working atmosphere. Discover how to reduce business disruption and develop new management strategies.

Working in the facilities services industry involves maintaining a secure environment within places like hospitals, offices and schools. You'll learn how to improve the security of a building and repair complex safety systems. Increase your engineering knowledge and discover how to maintain a clean work setting.

The apprenticeship can help you develop a wide range of creative skills. Develop your knowledge of heritage goods and work with different materials such as leather and tweed. You'll also have the chance to research the latest fashion trends and learn about advanced crafting techniques.

Get a head start in the world of business, accountancy and banking. You could manage the money that keeps everything else ticking along. Financial services are part of every single business in the country. So, you'll have plenty of options.

The apprenticeship is designed to give you all the necessary firefighting skills that will help you succeed in the fire and rescue service.

For anyone looking to pursue a career as a scientist, technologist or engineer, the Food and Drink sector offers a great range of challenging and rewarding opportunities which include speedy pathways to promotion.

The apprenticeship is suited for practical people who are interested in developing environmentally friendly transportation strategies. Learn how to safely deposit raw materials. Work with the latest logistics technology such as autonomous trucks. Gain an understanding of the processes that could help lower fuel pollution.


In this apprenticeship, you'll have the opportunity to complete activities associated with the distribution of gas (“upstream”) to the fitting and maintenance of gas equipment within the customers’ property (“downstream”).

Increase your understanding of glass making techniques such as casting and blowing. Work with a range of specialist material like crystal, optical and medical glass. Learn about the process of fenestration and apply your knowledge to fixing the facades of different buildings.


Whether you have an interest in roses, peonies, violets or daffodils, the apprenticeship can give you the opportunity to work with your favourite plants. Learn how to create stunning flower exhibits. Or improve your knowledge of green spaces like parks, roof gardens and fields.

Studying for an apprenticeship in hospitality gives you the opportunity to develop your customer service skills and show the best of what Scotland has to offer to natives and tourists alike.

The apprenticeship is designed to help you thrive in busy situations and progress in the hospitality sector. You'll have the opportunity to learn about team management, event organisation and how to motivate others.

Study for an apprenticeship in housing and work in a sector that's committed to reducing homelessness in Scotland.


Industrial applications cross into a range of sectors such as food and drink production, life sciences and supply chain. Learn about specialist manufacturing techniques like fibre spinning and sheet metal moulding. Discover how to maximise productivity in a factory environment.

The apprenticeship is ideal for anyone who would like to develop specialist finance skills. Learn about insurance underwriting, organisation and business relations. Discover how to carry out effective risk management strategies and help companies maximise their investments.

Studying for an apprenticeship in IT and Telecoms can help you find a technology-related job. Be part of a sector that's focused on transforming the digital landscape of Scotland.

Studying for an apprenticeship in IT and Telecoms can give you the chance to put your HTML skills into practice. Join an industry that champions innovative thinking.

So, there's never been a better time to start your ICT career. A Foundation Apprenticeship in IT: Hardware and System Support could lead to jobs like: cyber security analyst, IT support technician, security administrator and network manager.

With a Graduate Apprenticeship in IT: Management for Business, you'll build a career in a fast paced sector where new job roles and competencies evolve quickly.

With this Foundation Apprenticeship, you'll be setting yourself up for roles that are in demand not just now, but in the future too. As a software or web developer, you can use your skills to create programs, robotic systems, apps and websites. As a database administrator or network manager you'd design and build computer systems to store and manipulate vital information.


Study for an apprenticeship in land engineering and be part of a sector that's focused on the safe management of forests and farming areas.

Whether you're interested in health care or environmental research, a Modern Apprenticeship in Life Science can lead to plenty of career opportunities. You could research cures for cancer or design the latest cardiovascular technology.


Studying for a management apprenticeship can help you develop your leadership skills and potentially find a job with progression opportunities.

Studying for an apprenticeship in maritime occupations can help you find a job that matches your passion for the ocean. Join an industry that's dedicated to finding new ways of promoting water transportation in Scotland.

This Modern Apprenticeship supports you to win solid rocks and minerals and to process these to make raw materials for other industries. Winning is achieved by quarrying, mining or dredging.


Are you motivated by the idea of helping people? Do you want to create positive change in the workplace? Study for an apprenticeship in occupational health and safety practice and join a sector that's dedicated to creating a safe work environment.

Learn how to provide great patient-focussed care everyday with an Optical Practice Support apprenticeship. You'll gain the knowledge and skills to provide advice and assistance to customers about their eye wear needs.


Are you interested in the law? Do you have a desire to help people? If so, studying for a paralegal practice apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to be part of a sector that is dedicated to protecting the Scottish public.

Are you interested in shaping Scotland's financial future? Study for a payroll apprenticeship and join a sector that's committed to improving the way money is processed for employees in Scottish businesses.

Do you want to contribute to the fight against illness? Study for an apprenticeship in pharmacy services and be part of an industry that's committed to shaping Scotland's medical future.

Scotland's plumbing industry is one of the most diverse sectors in the country, so there are plenty of job opportunities. Become a project manager and supervise your own plumbing team. Work as a chartered engineer and develop your own engineering solutions.

Do you want to make Scotland a safer place? If so, studying for a policing apprenticeship gives you the chance to be part of a sector that is focused on protecting people.

Do you want to join a sector that is focused on revolutionising Scotland's approach to efficient energy production? Study for an apprenticeship in power distribution and have the chance to tinker with innovative hardware.

Study an apprenticeship in print occupations and be at the forefront of an emerging industry in Scotland. The apprenticeship is designed to increase your awareness of press and print production. Work with the latest hardware such as 3D and interactive printers.

Scotland's process manufacturing sector has a variety of jobs to choose from. Work as a maintenance technician and keep engineering assets in good condition. Become a refinery operative and test products to ensure they meet safety standards.

If you like being organised, then procurement could well be the career for you. Procurement involves buying products and finding the right prices for suppliers and customers.

Chef skills shortages within the UK have been well documented, with skills gaps and possible solutions articulated in research carried out by People 1st International in 2017. This apprenticeship will ensure that individuals have the right skills, knowledge and experience needed to produce high quality dishes and products consistently to specifications, often in large volumes across a wide variety of hospitality and catering operations. It also provides individuals with a flexible progression route to SCQF Level 6 to attract and retain production chefs from a diverse range of groups.

Studying for a professional cooking apprenticeship can help you find a job that allows you to pursue your passion for food. Be part of a sector that is dedicated to creating memorable dining experiences.

This apprenticeship supports entry-level project management roles across many different areas of work. The goal is to enable you to develop experience and apply project management knowledge and skills. You will become able to lead projects with a limited complexity, or assist on complex projects.

The goal of the apprenticeship is to enable you to effectively provide the required financial services relevant to your area of work within a financial services organisation.

In this apprenticeship, you’ll be involved in activities that involve keeping people and property safe. This provides an important component in the fight against crime, antisocial behaviour and terrorism. You’ll be involved in reflecting and responding to changes in regulations and technologies.


Do you want to build the crucial infrastructure of tomorrow's world? This apprenticeship was designed to meet the current skills shortage of qualified rail engineers and provide a route into employment.

From designers to salesmen, there is a job for you in Scotland's retail sector. This apprenticeship covers fashion, technology, food and drink, entertainment, health and beauty and much more.

Rural industries including agriculture, gamekeeping and wildlife management, fisheries management and forestry, are very important to the economy of Scotland. This Technical Apprenticeship provides a chance to work alongside qualified, experienced colleagues carrying out real work with all of the issues that go along with this.

Whether you're a keen farmer or a passionate conservationist, there's a career opportunity for you in the rural skills sector in Scotland. This sector covers environmental management, travel and tourism, agriculture, renewable energy and much more.


With a Foundation Apprenticeship in Scientific Technologies, you'll be getting into a career with lots of opportunities. There is a great and growing demand for more young workers with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) skills and qualifications. And, on average, those working in STEM careers earn 20% more than those working in other fields.

This apprenticeship will ensure that individuals have the right skills, knowledge and experience needed to produce high quality dishes and products consistently to specifications, often in large volumes across a wide variety of hospitality and catering operations. It also contributes towards professionalising production chefs by providing career progression to leadership and management roles.

From engineering to painting, there are many career opportunities for you in the signmaking sector. It covers graphic design, artwork, woodwork, electrical engineering and much more.

From artists to metalworkers, there are a vast range of jobs available to you in Scotland's craft skills and design industries. This includes roles in traditional crafts, manufacture, business promotion, curation and many other related fields.

Care for sick, injured or disabled people as an adult nurse or children's nurse. Look after people at home or in residential homes as a care home manager, care assistant or residential support worker. Give advice and support to families to help them improve their lives as a social worker. A Foundation Apprenticeship in Social Services and Healthcare helps you prepare for a wide range of different care roles.

This apprenticeship provides opportunities to secure employment in one of Scotland's most valuable job sectors, social services and healthcare. The sector covers community work, elderly and end-of-life care, addiction treatment, mental health support, home nursing and many other critical job roles.

With this Foundation Apprenticeship, you'll be prepared for a wide range of different childcare roles. Look after young children as a nanny, nursery worker or childminder. Organise fun activities which help young people build their self-esteem as a playmaker. Give children and their families vital support as a social worker.

Work in an ever growing industry and become involved in spirits production. The sector in Scotland is booming and it’s made up of large multinational organisations through to small craft distillers.

This apprenticeship can provide a range of job opportunities for candidates looking to begin or further their career in supply chain management. The sector covers logistics, trade, global markets, finance and a variety of other roles critical to the Scottish economy.

Whether you're looking for a role focused on data, business or communications, there are a wide range of career options available to you in the supply chain management sector. It covers distribution, purchasing, transport, storage, trading and more.

If you're looking to work in a globally-focused industry covering a wide variety of disciplines and areas of expertise, the supply chain management industry may be right for you. It covers data analysis, economic modelling, risk management, software design, business communications, global trade and a vast number of other business-critical processes.

Whether you're looking for a hands-on outdoor role or a strategic management position, there are a wide range of opportunities available to you in the Scottish waste management and recycling industry.


This apprenticeship is perfect if you have a keen interest in travel and providing people with great customer service. You’ll create and plan amazing holidays for customers and learn how to use different travel industry systems. You’ll gain knowledge in world geography, travel products and options and travel advice and guidelines.

Do you have a love of nature and want to play a key role in protecting one of Scotland's most valuable renewable resources? This apprenticeship teaches the necessary skills for success in the trees and timber industry.


Are you looking for a long-term and rewarding engineering career? This apprenticeship equips you with the necessary skills to break into one of Scotland's largest and most economically valuable industries.


The Veterinary Nursing sector is an important part of the Animal Welfare industry and is represented by small animals, equine and agricultural animals. Registered Veterinary Nurses work alongside Veterinary Surgeons in order to provide a high standard of care for animals. This apprenticeship contains flexible learning options and training to aid progression within the sector.


From data analysis to construction management, there are a wide range of opportunities available in the Scottish water industry. It covers research, design, data modelling, construction, systems management and many other crucial fields of expertise.

In this apprenticeship you'll learn how carry out water samples, chemically treat water and install and maintain water service equipment to protect consumers from harm. You'll learn first-hand from talented professionals and gain valuable industry experience.

Are you enthusiastic about DIY? Would you like to use your woodworking skills professionally in a rewarding job sector? This course will teach you how to thrive in a Scottish industry where apprentices are in high demand.


This apprenticeship teaches you practical skills you'll need for a successful career in youth work. You'll develop a deep understanding of youth issues and learn how to provide support to a wide variety of young people.