This Foundation Apprenticeship is designed to provide opportunities for pupils to develop the right skills and knowledge to enter into a career in IT.

The qualification

SCQF Level 6

The Foundation Apprenticeship in IT: Hardware and system support. includes:

  • A National Progression Award (NPA) in Professional Computer Fundamentals at SCQF level 6
  • Five units of a Diploma for IT & Telecommunications Professionals at SCQF level 6
  • A substantial work placement

Example of course units include:

  • NPA
    - Security fundamentals
    - Network fundamentals
  • Diploma
    - IT & telecom system operation 2
    - Working With IT & telecoms hardware and equipment 1
Entry requirements

Pupils should have a good level of English and maths, and having taken a science subject would be an advantage. Roles in hardware/system support are suitable for pupils with good problem solving skills, with an interest in both hardware and software, who enjoy working to deadlines and under pressure.

Potential apprentices are selected by their school and will undertake a recruitment process arranged by the learning provider. Employers are encouraged to get involved in this process.

Progression and development

Pupils will have the right skills to move from this to a Modern Apprenticeship in a digital or ICT subject; or may decide to move on to further or higher education. If you look to hire, the Foundation Apprenticeship offers you an opportunity to spot talented pupils, and assess their skills on a longer term than a regular interview process would allow.

SCQF qualification levels explained

Download the framework document

Your role

As an employer, you can decide what level of involvement you have in the apprenticeship You can discuss this with the college or local authority you’re working with.

There’s no financial cost to you as an employer because the learner is still at school. However, the investment of your time - great or small - can bring you lasting rewards with access to talented and driven young people for your workplace.

The work placement

Pupils study a Foundation Apprenticeship as one of their school subjects usually over fifth and sixth year.

During this apprenticeship each pupil must complete a work placement of approximately one day a week in S6 to help them build the evidence needed to complete the units from the SVQ. It is important that pupils commence employer contact during S5 to be introduced to the employer context of digital roles and how digital skills are used in the workplace.

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