What's Business Management like?

With a Graduate Apprenticeship in Business Management, you’ll build a career in a sector bursting with opportunities.

There are 4 pathways to choose from:

You'll develop real-world skills - and earn yourself a degree.

We've worked with employers, college and universities in the industry to create this qualification. This means you'll gain the skills and knowledge that the industry expects from a graduate.

What's the qualification?

You’ll gain a Graduate Apprenticeship in BA (Hons) Business Management, which is at SCQF Level 10.

What will I learn?

A Graduate Apprenticeship is about much more than getting a degree. Because it’s work-based, you’ll also gain useful experience and skills in areas such as:

  • organisational performance, including digital business and project management
  • interpersonal excellence, such as communication and managing people
  • personal effectiveness, including decision-making
  • change management, including communications and political context
  • human resources, including legal requirements and management
  • sales and marketing, including customer behaviour and planning
  • procurement and supply chain management
  • international trade, including globalisation and cultural awareness
  • financial services, such as international finance, business analytics, risk and investment

Course content

The main content areas in this Graduate Apprenticeship are:

  • Professional practice: qualifications relevant to role and professional recognition
  • Electives: change management, human resources, sales and marketing, procurement and supply chain management and international trade
  • Core management and business components: organisational performance, interpersonal excellence and personal effectiveness

Where could it take me?

You could find employment in roles such as:

  • team leader or manager
  • supervisor
  • operations manager
  • departmental manager
  • procurement manager
  • supply chain manager
  • HR manager
  • finance manager
  • risk manager

Entry requirements

Entry requirements for Graduate Apprenticeships vary by course and institution.

Each vacancy advert tells you what qualifications you need to start the apprenticeship. Or you can contact the university or college for guidance on entry requirements.


A Graduate Apprenticeship at SCQF Level 10 (honours degree level) will take up to 4 years to complete.

Or it'll take up to 2 years at:

  • SCQF Level 8 or 9 (high apprenticeship) or
  • SCQF Level 11 (professional body qualification)

You might complete the apprenticeship in a shorter time. That's because the format means you can attend university or college outwith term times.

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