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This Professional Apprenticeship helps employees properly prepare for the challenges of management within social services organisations – whether they’ve been working in social care, or are looking to move into the sector from other areas. It’s for people working as managers within organisations registered with the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC), or for care service managers in the private sector, local authorities, third sector and NHS.

The qualification

SCQF level 10

Your employee will study for an SCQF level 10 in Care Services Leadership and Management.

Entry requirements

Candidates should have relevant experience in the social services sector.

Progression and development

After completing this level, candidates should be prepared for positions as managers in a range of social services settings.

Candidates will also be able to move into middle and senior/strategic management in the sector. They might go on to higher education qualifications.

SCQF qualifications levels explained

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How is it funded?

We contribute towards training costs

We do this by paying the learning provider directly in incremental payments throughout the course of the apprenticeship.

See training contribution calculator below to determine funding contribution for this framework.

An enhanced funding contribution is paid for employees who are aged 16 – 19. For those who are disabled and care-experienced, this is extended up to and including age 29.

Speak to a range of learning providers to find the best deal and agree on a flexible approach to meet the needs of your business.

Who pays the apprentice?

Like any other employee of your business, you’ll pay the Modern Apprentice's wages. This is not set by SDS, but we do encourage all employers to pay the living wage. Remember, you must pay at least the National Minimum Wage.

Time to complete

It will take between 12-24 months to complete.

Decide if this is the right framework for you, then...

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