Creating a building from the ground up is an accomplishment. If you’re interested in developing your building skills, then studying for a construction apprenticeship could help you find your ideal job.  

The construction industry has a demand for people with specialist knowledge. With this apprenticeship, you’ll learn about the latest demolition technology and roofing hardware, such as reinforced bitumen membrane systems. You’ll learn about what it means to insulate a building and why scaffolding helps to strengthen a home. The knowledge you’ll gain can open up a range of career choices. 

These unique skills will come in handy during your job search. You could become a lighting conduction engineer or oversee specialist equipment like concrete drills. Whether you’d like to build a home or a hospital, this apprenticeship can help you succeed in the world of construction

What's the qualification?

You’ll gain a qualification at SCQF level 5 or level 6 in specialist construction.   

For both qualifications, you’ll study one of the following topics:   

  • Reinforced Bitumen Membrane Roofing  
  • Scaffolding  
  • Lighting Conductor Engineering  
  • Steeplejacking  
  • Roof Sheeting and Cladding 
  • Demolition 
  • Demolition Plant 
  • Insulation and Building Treatments 
  • Innovative Methods of Construction 
  • Ceiling Fixing 
  • Dry Lining – Finishing 
  • Dry Lining – Fixing 
  • Concrete Drilling and Sawing 
  • Steel Fixing Occupations  
  • Thermal Insulation   

Both qualifications involve work experience.  

SCQF qualification levels explained

What will I learn?

During your apprenticeship, you'll learn how to:   

  • Carry out best construction practices 
  • Fix ceilings, roofs and walls 
  • Work with specialist equipment  
  • Insulate buildings 
  • Develop your own construction knowledge   

You’ll also develop the following core skills:   

  • Problem-solving 
  • Teamwork  
  • Communication  
  • Time management   

These transferrable skills are useful for working in other jobs such as demolition and surveying.

Where could it take me?

This Modern Apprenticeship gives you many optionsChoose to carry on your education with a construction degree or graduate to a full-time construction role.   

Further education: Carry on your studies by studying for a BSC in construction site management. You could even go on to study for a masters in a related field.  Your experience will support your application. 

Straight to work: Find a job in construction by using your qualifications. There are a range of pathways available and several job examples are listed below:  

  • Scaffolder  
  • Roofing expert  
  • Lighting conductor engineer  
  • Labourer  
  • Construction manager   
  • Architect  

Entry requirements

There are no set entry requirements for this apprenticeship.  


This Modern Apprenticeship will take 12-24 months to complete.  

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