Are you passionate about caring for animals? An equine apprenticeship is ideal for anyone who has an interest in horses. Be part of an industry that is committed to their wellbeing and devoted to safeguarding their future.  

Whether you’re interested in working with thoroughbreds, draft horses or ponies, there are many job opportunities. Learn how to improve the wellbeing of a foal and become an equine therapist. Discover the latest riding techniques and what it takes to become a riding coach.   

The apprenticeship can provide you with a range of skills, such as horse welfare, yard instruction and racing organisation. The skills you develop can help you work in a riding school, livery club, or competition enclosure. Whatever your interests, the apprenticeship can help you succeed in the equine industry.   

What's the qualification?

You will gain a horse care qualification at SCQF level 5 or 6. The qualification includes:  

  • core units of aSVQ in horse care at SCQF level 5 or level 6
  • a range of work experience in a versatile industry

SCQF qualification levels explained

What will I learn?

During your apprenticeship, you'll learn how to:   

  • Care for a variety of horses 
  • Treat injuries and ailments that horses suffer from 
  • Assist in the safe feeding of horses on grass 
  • Develop an understanding of best stable routine practices   

You will develop the following core skills:   

  • Problem-solving  
  • Teamwork  
  • Communication  
  • Time management   

These transferrable skills are useful for working in other jobs such as grooming and race management.  

Where could it take me?

This Modern Apprenticeship gives you a range of optionsChoose to carry on your studies with an equine management degree or go into full-time work.    

Further education: Improve your academic knowledge by studying for a bachelor’s degree in equine science.  Your experience will support your university application.   

Straight to work: Use your qualifications and find a job in the equine industrySeveral jobs are listed below: 

  • Riding coach  
  • Equine technician  
  • Horse groomer  
  • Equine therapist  
  • Yard instructor 
  • Trek leader 
  • Riding instructor  

Entry requirements

There are no set requirements for the apprenticeship, However, it is good to have an interest in horse care.  


This Modern Apprenticeship will take 12-24 months to complete.  

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