Learn about the science or the engineering aspects of food and drink production by studying this technical apprenticeship.   

You’ll discover how to change the composition of a product and make sure it meets dietary requirements. You’ll also work with advanced food and drink production technology like automated guided vehicle systems.   

There are a range of job opportunities in Scotland’s food and drink production sector.  Become a food technologist and monitor the safety of the products in the industry. Work as a new product developer and improve existing food and drinks or launch new ones. The apprenticeship is focused on helping you develop the skills needed to be successful in the food and drink industry.  

What's the qualification?

You will gain a food and drink technical qualification at SCQF level 6. It includes:  

  • core unit of aSVQ in food and drink technical at SCQF level 6 
  • HNC in Food Science and Technology 
  • a range of practical work experience of an innovative industry  

SCQF qualification levels explained

What will I learn?

During your apprenticeship, you will be assessed. You can learn about food technology.  

You will also develop the following core skills:   

  • Communication  
  • Working with others 
  • Problem-solving   
  • Information and Communication Technology   
  • Numeracy  

These transferrable skills are useful for working in other roles like food production and supply chain operation.   

Where could it take me?

This Modern Apprenticeship gives you a variety of optionsCarry on your studies with a food science degree or go into full-time work. 

Further education: Improve your knowledge by studying for a bachelor’s degree in drink production. You could also go on to study for a higher qualification like a Masters or PhD in a related field.   

Straight to work: Make the most of your qualifications by finding a job in food and drink operations. Several roles are listed below:

  • Food technologist  
  • New product development technologist 
  • Quality supervisor 
  • Quality auditor 

Entry requirements

There are no formal requirements for this apprenticeship. However, it is good to have an interest in the food and drinks operation field.   


The Modern Apprenticeship will take between 12-24 months to complete.   

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