Are you passionate about the environment? Do you want to improve the wellbeing of Scotland’s animals? Study for a game and wildlife management apprenticeship and start a career that is dedicated to protecting natural habitats. 

The apprenticeship is designed for someone who wants to create a sustainable future for Scotland’s endangered species. Learn how to promote bio-diversity and work with a range of animals such as deer, grouse, rabbits and partridges. Gain an understanding of different habitats and help develop safeguarding strategies.  

Whether you’re interested in working in the highlands or lowlands, theres a job for you in the game and wildlife management industry. Become an underkeeper and help to care for a variety of species. Work as a wildlife biologist and create new habitat protection initiatives. The apprenticeship is designed to provide you with the wildlife skills that can help you make a positive difference in the industry. 

What's the qualification?

You will gain a qualification at SCQF level 5 in game and wildlife managementThe qualification includes:  

  • Core units of aSVQ in game and wildlife management at SCQF level 5 
  • Work experience in an exciting industry that is devoted to making a positive impact on the world  

SCQF qualification levels explained

What will I learn?

During your apprenticeship, you'll learn how to:   

  • Monitor game populations and habitats  
  • Monitor and maintain health, safety and security  
  • Establish and maintain working relationships with others 
  • Control vertebrate pests and predators 
  • Care for and handle animals used to support gamekeeping and wildlife management activities 
  • Monitor access to wildlife management area 
  • Support game populations 
  • Maintain and repair structures  

You will develop the following core skills:   

  • Time management  
  • Problem-solving  
  • Communication  
  • Team work   

These transferrable skills are useful for working in other jobs such as game rearing and highland game keeping.  

Where could it take me?

This Modern Apprenticeship gives you a number of options. Carry on your education with a higher qualification in game and wildlife management or find a full time job.   

Further education: Carry on your studies through applying for a bachelor’s degree in conservation. This could lead to a higher qualification such as a Masters in wildlife management. The experience you have gained will support your university application.   

Straight to work: Use your qualifications and find a job in the wildlife industryAfter completing the apprenticeship, you could move onto jobs like:   

  • Game keeper  
  • Underkeeper   
  • Wildlife biologist  
  • Under-stalker   
  • Game farm worker  
  • Conservation specialist

Entry requirements

Although there are no set requirements for the apprenticeship, it is good to have an interest in the game and wildlife management field.  


This Modern Apprenticeship will take 12-24 months to complete.  

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