Do you have an interest in ships? Have you always wondered what life at sea might be like? If so, studying for an apprenticeship in maritime occupations can help you find a job that matches your passion for the ocean. Join an industry thats dedicated to finding new ways of promoting water transportation in Scotland.   

The apprenticeship is designed to increase your knowledge of the water vessels. Learn how to repair and maintain ships of all sizes. Improve your understanding of different kinds of mooring equipment like cleats and winches. Learn how to carry out search and rescue missions at sea.   

There are a variety of jobs to choose from in Scotland’s maritime industry. Work as a harbour operative and help to transport passengers to a ship. Become a coast guard and help to develop maritime safety initiatives. Load precious cargo onto different vessels as a port operative.   

What's the qualification?

You will gain a qualification at SCQF level 5 in maritime occupations. The qualification includes:  

  • core units of aSVQ in maritime occupations at SCQF level  
  • a range of work experience in an exciting and versatile industry  

SCQF qualification levels explained

What will I learn?

During your apprenticeship, you'll learn how to:   

  • Carry out maritime employment, environmental and safety practices 
  • Contribute to workboat operations 
  • Carry out vessel rope work, anchoring and mooring operations 
  • Secure a vessel for passage 
  • Work with basic vessel engineering systems 
  • Carry out survival techniques during maritime emergencies 
  • Carry out emergency first aid in response to maritime accidents or medical emergencies 
  • Communicate using equipment and visual means   

You will develop the following core skills:   

  • Communication 
  • Teamwork    
  • Numeracy 
  • Time management   
  • Problem-solving   

These transferrable skills are useful for working in other roles such as fishing and port operations.   

Where could it take me?

This Modern Apprenticeship gives you a variety of options. Continue your studies with a maritime-related degree or graduate to a full-time job.   

Further education: Continue to develop your seafaring skills by applying for a technical apprenticeship in maritime occupations. You could go on to study for a bachelor’s degree in marine studies or a Masters in navigation and maritime science. Your experience will support your university application.   

Straight to work: Use your qualifications to find a job in the maritime industry. Several jobs are listed below:  

  • Port operative 
  • Ship engineer  
  • Coast guard 
  • Naval marine 
  • Harbour operative 
  • Ship technician 
  • Fisheries officer  
  • Fishing sales assistant 

Entry requirements

There are no set requirements for this apprenticeship. However, it is beneficial to have an interest in the maritime occupations field.  


This Modern Apprenticeship will take 12-24 months to complete.  

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