Whether you’re looking for a role focused on data, business or communications, there are a wide range of career options available to you in the supply chain management sector. It covers distribution, purchasing, transport, storage, trading and more. 

Connect goods and service companies across the world as a supply chain manager. Keep vital operations such as medicine delivery on track as a logistics manager. Expand your business enterprise into brand-new territories as a distribution project manager. 

You'll develop professional logistics skills that allow you to coordinate global-level operations. You’ll be a key part of your business day-to-day operations. However you see your career progressing in this sector, this apprenticeship delivers the practical experience and education necessary for securing a role in supply chain management. 

What's the qualification?

This course provides a Professional Apprenticeship qualification at SCQF level 11 in Supply Chain Management. The course includes: 

  • Specialised SVQ units developing supply chain management skills and generalised units providing transferable career skills 
  • The chance to obtain additional industry-based qualifications to enhance your employability 
  • A range of work experience with the opportunity to work alongside experienced industry professionals  

SCQF qualification level explained

What will I learn?

During your apprenticeship, you could learn how to:   

  • Develop a logistics strategy for a company 
  • Effectively lead an organisation, delegating tasks and responsibilities  
  • Undertake research projects aimed at improving supply chain performance 
  • Plan procurement, storage, transportation and distribution of supplies 
  • Manage financial and organisational resources 
  • Build strategic relationships with supply partners 
  • Analyse supply chains to discover potential improvement opportunities  

Depending on the units that you choose, you will also benefit from learning valuable career skills including: Negotiation skills 

  • Project evaluation 
  • Budget management 
  • Business plan writing 
  • Team leadership 
  • Customer service 
  • Marketing and advertising skills  

These career skills are applicable to a wide range of employment sectors outside of the global sourcing and supply chain industry. These include business management, financial services, ICT and any other industry in which you would like to accelerate your career development. 

Where could it take me?

This Professional Apprenticeship provides you with a vast range of possible career opportunities. You could develop your skills further in an academic setting or move on immediately to a career in the industry. 

Further education: Continue your studies in Higher Education to develop your skills for the most complex logistical and supply chain management roles. Examples of suitable courses include degrees such as International Operations and Supply Chain Management and Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport qualifications. 

Straight to work: Use your supply chain management qualification to secure management roles in the industry. After completing the apprenticeship, you could begin a career in jobs such as:  

  • Supply Chain Manager 
  • Logistics Manager 
  • Distribution Project Manager 
  • Purchasing Manager 
  • Warehouse Manager 
  • Operations Director 
  • Transportation Director 

Entry requirements

You should be able to demonstrate relevant experience to a potential employer and have at least one of the following qualifications: 

  • Modern Apprenticeship in Supply Chain Management (SCQF level 7) 
  • Technical Apprenticeship in Supply Chain Management (SCQF level 8) 
  • Higher National Certificate or Higher National Diploma in Supply Chain Management 
  • CIPS Level 4 Diploma in Procurement and Supply 
  • A degree in Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Logistics or a related field 


The minimum time to complete this Professional Apprenticeship is 12 months. 

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