Are you enthusiastic about DIY? Would you like to use your woodworking skills professionally in a rewarding job sector? This course will teach you how to thrive in a Scottish industry where apprentices are in high demand. 

You’ll learn high level skills in a wide variety of wood crafting processes. You’ll use and maintain the equipment needed for the role. You’ll also work with experienced craftsmen and machinists who will share their valuable insights and knowledge. 

From craftsmen to builders, there are many career options available to you. You could work in carpentry, manufacturing, milling, design or forestry. Expertly craft bespoke wood products as a joiner. Develop innovative manufacturing processes as a wood machinist. Work in some of Scotland’s most beautiful landscapes as a sawyer. 

Whatever your ambitions in the wood and timber industries, this apprenticeship is designed to give you the tools you need to succeed.  

What's the qualification?

You will gain a Modern Apprenticeship qualification at either SCQF level 5 or SCQF level 6/7 in Wood and Timber Industries. This qualification includes: 

  • Practical industry-focused SVQ units and transferable core skills training 
  • The opportunity to gain an additional qualification in Timber and Panel Products and their Uses at SCQF level 5 
  • A range of work experience developing practical skills in a professional industry environment 

SCQF qualification levels explained

What will I learn?

During your apprenticeship, you could learn how to:   

  • Produce wood products including planed, profiled and jointed wood 
  • Operate computer numerical control (CNC) machines 
  • Manufacture complex wood components 
  • Finish wood products by hand 
  • Maintain wood machining equipment 
  • Educate customers on your timber products and services  

You will also develop the following core skills:  

  • Information and communication technology skills 
  • Numeracy 
  • Problem-solving 
  • Communication 
  • Teamwork  

These skills are not just valuable to employees in the wood and timber industries. They are also transferable across industries including land management, agriculture, manufacturing, engineering and many other vocational sectors. 

Where could it take me?

There are a range of career paths available to you as a graduate of this Modern Apprenticeship course. You can either undertake further study or move into full-time work straight away. 

Further education: Develop your skills further with additional qualifications that can allow you to work in a wider variety of roles. Examples include related apprenticeships such as the SCQF level 6 Modern Apprenticeship in Trees and Timber. You can also take specialised industry qualifications that allow you to work in higher-level roles such as an assessor or verifier. 

Straight to work: Use your wood and timber industries qualification to begin work in the sector immediately. After completing the apprenticeship, you could start a range of jobs including the following 

  • Wood Machinist 
  • Timber Yard Worker 
  • CNC Machinist 
  • Sawyer 
  • Sales Assistant 
  • Carpenter 
  • Joiner 

Entry requirements

There are no set requirements for entry into the SCQF level 5 Modern Apprenticeship course. SCQF level 6/7 candidates should have completed the SCQF level 5 Modern Apprenticeship course or have a similar level of qualification and experience.  


This Modern Apprenticeship will take between 18 and 24 months to complete.  

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