Apprentice of the Year categories

These categories showcase the dedication and commitment of people who have chosen the apprenticeship route to progress their career.

Apprentice of the Year categories are open to apprentices who have completed or are due to complete their apprenticeship by 30 September 2017 or who were certificated no earlier than 01 October 2016.

There are three categories:

  • Level 2 Apprentice of the Year
  • Level 3 Apprentice of the Year
  • Level 4 and above Apprentice of the Year (at SCQF level 8 or above)

Submitting a nomination

You should submit your nomination online. Entries must be in by noon on 28 June.

Nominations for these categories should be completed by the apprentice’s employer or training provider.

On the form, you'll need to answer the following questions.

Question 1

Explain the apprentice’s role, key duties and responsibilities within the workplace.

To help judges score this answer you might want to include:

  • An outline of the apprentice’s role and information on how that fits within the organisation
  • Details of why the apprenticeship programme was chosen to support workforce development

Judges will be relating this question to criteria around the apprentice’s performance. They will score demonstration of the apprentice’s skills, abilities and performance in their role.

Question 2

Please detail the apprentice’s contribution to the business objectives of your organisation.

Great points to include might be:

  • Explain how the apprentice has applied their learning in the workplace
  • Example(s) of their outstanding contribution in a particular area or project
  • Description of how other members of staff have benefited from the apprenticeship programme
  • The benefits that the employer has experienced as a result the apprenticeship
  • Specific and relevant measures of your performance that indicate the organisational impact
  • Evidence of how the apprentice has exceeded the expectations of their employer 

Judges will score against criteria based on contribution. Scoring will be based on demonstration of how, through the apprenticeship programme, the apprentice has contributed to the growth of the business.

Question 3

Please detail the ways in which the apprentice benefited from their apprenticeship.

You might want to consider including these points:

  • An outline of the skills the apprentice has developed since the start of their apprenticeship
  • Details of the initial skills assessment to demonstrate how the apprentice has developed
  • Evidence of how any skills development claimed is attributable to the apprenticeship programme
  • Details of the apprentice’s progression and their plans for their future development

Judges will score this question against criteria on commitment. They will assess the apprentice’s commitment to their personal development before, during and after their apprenticeship.

Nominations are open now!

You can submit your nomination online. Remember, nominations must be in by noon on 28 June 2017.