Employer of the Year Categories

These categories acknowledge the commitment and support of employers to the apprenticeship programme. They allow you to showcase your business’ achievements and demonstrate your commitment to the apprenticeship programme.

The categories are:

  • Micro Employer of the Year (for businesses with 10 employees or fewer)
  • SME Employer of the Year (for businesses with 11 to 249 employees)
  • Large Employer of the Year (for businesses with more than 250 employees)
  • Public Sector Employer of the Year

Submitting a nomination

You should submit your nomination online. Entries must be in by noon on 28 June.

On the form, you'll need to answer the following questions.


Question 1

Please describe your businesses commitment and future plans for your apprenticeship programme.

Points to include might be:

  • An outline of your business and your apprenticeship programme
  • Highlight the business benefits that are as a result of your apprenticeship programme
  • Evidence of how the business benefit claimed is directly attributable to apprenticeships
  • Detail and evidence how you evaluate your programme and how this feeds into future plans
  • Explanation why the business decided to invest in a apprenticeship programme
  • Outline any improvements made to your apprenticeship programme over the last 12 months and your future development plans

Judges will score against criteria relating to commitment. They will look for demonstration of your organisation’s commitment to apprenticeships.

Question 2

Please describe the benefits that apprenticeships have brought to your business.

To help judges score this question you might want to:

  • Identify how you are committed to promoting investment in skills and sharing best practice
  • Include examples of where apprentices have helped you take a fresh approach to a business practice or process
  • Identify examples where Apprentices have positively influenced other employees
  • Detail any additional training or support you have developed for your apprentices (over and above the MA framework requirements) which has helped them become more productive

Judges will score this question on your ability to demonstrate innovation in delivering the apprenticeship programme.

Question 3

Please give examples of how your apprentices have benefited from training with your business.

You might want to include:

  • Examples of how apprentices have personally benefitted from the apprenticeship programme
  • Outline and evidence what apprentices receive throughout their programme, in terms of training, mentoring and ambassadorial work
  • Demonstrate clear integration within the workforce
  • Details of progression/promotion/ retention opportunities for apprentices
  • Explain and evidence what makes your apprenticeship model exceptional

Judges will consider criteria based on integration for this question. They will consider how the apprenticeship programme fits to the overall plan and ethos of the organisation.

Nominations are open now!

You can submit your nomination online. Remember, nominations must be in by noon on 28 June 2017.