Employer of the Year

These categories allow you to showcase your business’ achievements and demonstrate your commitment to the Apprenticeship programme.

The categories available to enter are

  • SME Employer of the Year (for businesses with 1 to 249 employees)
  • Large Employer of the Year (for businesses with more than 250 employees)

Public sector organisations can enter either category based on their size.

Question 1

Please provide a brief description of your organisation and explain why the Apprenticeship programme was established.

You might want to consider including these points:

  • Information on your organisations aims and objectives
  • Information on your organisations approach to learning and development.
  • The identified business needs required to be met by the Apprenticeship programme.

Question 2

Please explain how you support the individual learning needs and aspirations of your apprentices?

You might want to consider including these points:

  • Demonstrate training is well planned and delivered focussing on, not only the needs of the organisation but how training is tailored to meet the specific needs of the apprentice.
  • Detail any additional training or support you have developed for your Apprentices (over and above the MA framework requirements) which has helped them become more productive

Judges will look for demonstration of your organisation’s commitment to Apprenticeships.

Question 3

Please explain the outcomes that have been /are being achieved as a result of the Apprenticeship programme within your organisation.

You might want to consider including these points:

  • How has the Apprenticeship programme has had a direct benefit to the apprentices and how this impacts their performance.
  • Highlight the business benefits that are as a result of your Apprenticeship programme, include examples of where Apprentices have helped you take a fresh approach to a business practice or process
  • Outline any improvements made to your Apprenticeship programme over the last 12 months and your future development plans
  • The plans you have in place to ensure the sustainability of the Apprenticeship programme.

 Judges will look for demonstration of measurable results from your organisation as a result from delivering the Apprenticeship programme.

Question 4

Please give examples of how your Apprentices have benefited from training with your business.

You might want to consider including these points:

  • How apprentices have personally benefitted from the Apprenticeship programme
  • Outline and evidence what Apprentices receive throughout their programme, in terms of training, mentoring and ambassadorial work
  • Demonstrate clear integration within the workforce
  • Details of progression/promotion/ retention opportunities for Apprentices
  • Explain and evidence what makes your Apprenticeship model exceptional

Judges will look for demonstration of how the Apprenticeship programme fits to the overall plan and ethos of the organisation.

Question 5

Please explain how your business is supporting equality and diversity through your apprenticeship programme and any broader impacts your Apprenticeship programme has had on wider needs within your sector and/or wider community. (max 250 words)

You might want to consider including these points:

  • Any examples of how you have supported Apprentices who are underrepresented in your organisation to succeed, this could be through providing training, mentoring, budding or networking opportunities.
  • Highlight initiatives you have introduced to address the needs of the wider community e.g. addressing youth unemployment, tackling gender-stereotyping, or reducing the barriers to apprenticeships for individuals from under-represented groups such as Black, Asian and Minority Ethnics (BAME) and/or disabled individuals.

Judges will look for demonstration of promotion and commitment to equality and diversity.

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