Promoting Diversity Employer of the Year

This category showcases the employers who embrace equality and diversity in their apprenticeship programme.

Submitting a nomination

You should submit your nomination online. Entries must be in by noon on 28 June.

On the form, you'll need to answer the following questions.

Question 1

Please describe your commitment to equality and diversity in the apprenticeship programme

You might want to include:

  • The business benefits as a result of promoting equality and diversity in your apprenticeship programme, including key motivations for your commitment
  • How you integrate your equality and diversity ambitions into your workforce development plans
  • Any external organisations you partner with to ensure that you access and build on current best practice/innovation
  • How you share your practice and learning to positively influence other employers

Question 2

Please give examples of proactive steps you have taken to promote equality and diversity in your apprenticeship programmes

You might want to include:

  • Examples of how you promote apprenticeship opportunities to those underrepresented your organisation. This should relate to your organisation’s priorities (SDS is particularly keen to hear about how you promote opportunities to: disabled people, individuals from minority ethnic backgrounds, individuals who are care experienced or those underrepresented by gender)
  • Outline steps you take before and during recruitment and any partners you work with
  • How you evaluate the impact of your actions (how do you know its working)

Question 3

How have your apprentices benefited from your commitment to equality and diversity?

Please outline any examples of how you have supported apprentices who are underrepresented in your organisation to succeed, this could be through providing training, mentoring, budding or networking opportunities.

Nominations are open now!

You can submit your nomination online. Remember, nominations must be in by noon on 28 June 2017.