Adopt an Apprentice

Get funding to employ an apprentice

Adopt an Apprentice is a funding incentive of £2,000 or £5,000. It pays employers to take on an apprentice who has been made redundant through no fault of their own. 

As an employer you take on either a Modern or Graduate Apprentice who completes their apprenticeship while they work with you.

Funding amounts for Adopt an Apprentice

Adopt an Apprentice covers all sectors. The Standard Rate funding grant is £2,000. For businesses in the oil and gas sector or supply chain, there is an Enhanced Rate funding grant of £5,000.

The funding helps to cover wage and recruitment costs. You will gain an experienced employee and help boost the local economy. 

Read the Adopt an Apprentice programme rules and frequently asked questions for more information.

How to apply for Adopt an Apprentice

Your Learning Provider will apply for the grant for you. Firstly you need to provide information and sign the Funding Assistance Agreement (FAA).

This Funding Assistance Agreement Completion Guide tells you how to find and complete the FAA. There is also information about the Adopt an Apprentice Grant.

Find a Learning Provider

Do you need help finding a Learning Provider? Use our Learning Provider search to find one offering the Modern Apprenticeship framework you want.

Benefit your business

Boost a young person's career when it matters most.

  • Get £2,000 in financial support

  • Help a young person when they need it most

  • Do your bit for the local economy

Advice for apprentices

If you’re an apprentice and you’ve been made redundant, we can offer you support and help you find another employer to complete your training.

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