Apprentice Transition Plan

Helping employers to support redundant apprentices

Benefits for you

If you’re looking to take on an apprentice who has been made redundant, the Record of Achievement that's part of the plan is a useful record. It contains information about an individual’s abilities and accompanies their CV. It offers:

  • quality-assured evidence of an apprentice’s training and qualifications  

  • a complete record of a job applicant’s skills and achievements 

This improves the recruitment process because employers can understand accurately a candidate’s skills and abilities.

Benefits for apprentices

The Apprentice Transition Plan can help Modern Apprentices by:

  • offering support to help them complete their qualification

  • helping them to recognise their skills and be confident in talking about them to a prospective new employer

  • providing a record of learning certificated in their apprenticeship to date

  • providing a record of bench-marked transferable skills that employers recognise

  • helping them plan for further learning or employment

Benefits of the Apprentice Transition Plan

Find out more about how employers are benefitting from the Skills Development Scotland Apprentice Transition Plan and the quality-assured Record of Achievement.

Benefits of the Apprentice Transition Plan

Get involved with the Apprentice Transition Plan

If you would like to employ an apprentice whose role has been made redundant, or would like to refer an apprentice you've had to make redundant, please get in touch on We will advise you on the next steps to take.