Guidance for employers delivering apprenticeships


Foundation Apprenticeship guidance for employers

Find advice and guidance to help you as the employer, and the young person working as an apprentice, to get the best experience from their Foundation Apprenticeship. We cover everything from how you get involved to employee induction and how learning providers can support you.

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Modern Apprenticeship guidance for employers

Find useful advice and information to help you welcome your Modern Apprentice and help them to develop. We've included a variety of topics from recruitment and selection to providing equipment and delivering feedback.

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Graduate Apprenticeship guidance for employers

Find best practice and advice to help you support your employee on their Graduate Apprenticeship journey. We've covered everything from recruitment and induction to mentoring your apprentice and working with a learning provider.

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How does the training work?

You’ll work with a learning provider to deliver the training part of the apprenticeship.

There are hundreds of approved, contracted providers across Scotland. They include colleges, universities and other private learning providers. We work with them to ensure they deliver high-quality training.

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Use our search tool to find an approved learning provider to deliver your apprenticeship.

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Qualifications and subjects

Scottish Apprenticeships are available at most SCQF levels. They start at Levels 4/5 and 6 (equal to National 4s, National 5s and Highers). The highest levels are Master’s Degree at SCQF Level 11 and Professional Apprenticeships at SCQF Levels 10 to 12.

There are more than 100 types of apprenticeship. Subjects range from from construction to digital media. Search our apprenticeship frameworks by job role or type to find the one which best suits your needs.

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What is my role as an employer?

As an apprentice employer, you’ll be expected to do the following.

  • Pay the apprentice’s salary, just like any other employee. You must pay at least the National Minimum Wage and we encourage all employers to pay at least the Living Wage.
  • Offer your apprentice the same working conditions as other employees in similar roles. This includes paid holidays, sick pay, benefits and support.
  • Work with the provider to develop a training approach for your apprentice. This details when and where training will take place and what it involves.
  • Continue to work with your apprentice and the learning provider throughout their apprenticeship. You should provide support, mentoring and development opportunities. This will help them to achieve their qualification.

Employer recruitment guides

Recruiting a more diverse workforce can lead to increased productivity, creativity and profitability. Being inclusive builds your reputation and attracts new staff and customers. Diverse organisations are also more adaptable and innovative.

We've created inclusive recruitment guides where you'll find practical and often free or low-cost measures. These will help to recruit and keep employees you might have had difficulty finding. There are tips on how to search for candidates and ensure your selection process is fair. We'll also give you examples of resources to help you make the most of a new hire's abilities.

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