Scottish Apprenticeships

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For Modern Apprenticeships, we will contribute towards the training costs. How much will depend on the age of the apprentice, the type and level of training.

We’ll pay a contribution for employees who are aged 16 – 24. For certain Scottish Government defined key sectors, we will contribute for apprentices over the age of 25.

There is an enhanced contribution available for disabled and care-experienced young people between the age of 20-29.

Depending on the apprenticeship and the type of training being delivered, providers may ask you for additional support towards costs.

Use the contribution tables to work out the funding level for the apprenticeship you want:

Modern Apprenticeship Contribution Table 2019-20

For Graduate Apprenticeships, SDS will fully fund the learning costs for the duration of the course. This is paid directly to the college or university.

For Foundation Apprenticeships, there’s no financial cost to you as an employer because the learner is still at school. However, the investment of your time - great or small - can bring you lasting rewards with access to talented and driven young people for your workplace.

What about the apprenticeship levy?

From April 2017, all UK employers with annual salary bills of more than £3 million will pay an apprenticeship levy.  Find out more about how it might affect your business.

Flexible Workforce Development Fund 

In addition to apprenticeship support, the Scottish Government’s Flexible Workforce Development Fund is available to all levy paying employers in Scotland across the private, public and third sectors to up-skill and re-skill an existing workforce. Each levy paying employer can access up to a maximum of £15,000. Find out more about the fund and how to access. 

The deadline for apprenticeship levy-paying employers to make an application is the end of July 2019.

Are there any additional funding incentives available? 

Adopt an Apprentice - If you can take on an apprentice who's been made redundant, there's a financial incentive for your business. If your business is in the oil and gas industry, the incentive is £5,000 and for all other industries it’s £2,000. 

Access to Work - This publicly funded employment support programme aims to help more disabled people start or stay in work. It provides practical and financial support for individuals with a disability or long-term physical or mental health condition. Funding can cover costs for additional equipment, software or taxis to and from work, for example. 

The Big Plus - This free service puts you in touch with a local tutor to support your employee to build confidence and skills with reading, writing and using numbers. Find out more by visiting My World of Work.  

In-work support  

Packages tailored to individuals are available if an employer believes additional support is needed to sustain a young person’s employment. 

Those who are eligible include young people with disabilities, those from minority ethnic backgrounds and those who have experience of care. 

These specialist employer services can include mentoring, job coaching, training, orientation visits and staff training. They are delivered by the Open Doors Consortium.