Questions to ask a learning provider

You've decided to take on an apprentice - great! The next step is finding a learning provider to support their training. You'll probably have lots of questions for potential learning providers. Here are some important things to ask.

Learning provider experience

Delivering apprenticeships might be new to you. That's why you can benefit from an experienced provider guiding you through the process. Here are some questions you should ask to make sure a provider has the correct level of experience to support you:

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  • Are you already delivering the apprenticeship?
  • What experience do you have in providing training within my sector?
  • How long have you been providing such training?
  • How many apprentices undertake this apprenticeship each year?
  • How many places do you have and how much interest does it generate?
  • Do you have any quality marks or accreditations?
  • What experience do your trainers and assessors have in delivering apprenticeships?
  • Do you have any references or recommendations from other employers and are there any I can speak to?

Need some support to deliver apprenticeships?

Our guidance will help you get the best out of your apprentices so your business can reap the benefits.

Employer guidance on Modern Apprenticeships

How learning providers work

The work your apprentice does with their learning provider is vital. This is a key part of them securing their qualification. Here are some questions you should ask about how potential learning providers operate:

  • What’s the estimated duration of the apprenticeship and can it be tailored to my business?
  • Will I have access to a dedicated account manager?
  • How is the training delivered (is it day release, is it on site, etc) and can you deliver out of hours, if required?
  • What percentage of the apprentice's time will be spent training?
  • How are individual training needs assessed?
  • When will you visit the workplace to carry out assessments?
  • Can an apprentice start their apprenticeship at any time of year?
  • Do you have a copy of the Apprenticeship Framework objectives and assessment criteria?
  • Can I talk to any current or ex-apprentices on this programme?
  • What time estimate would you put on an apprentice’s extra workload each week?
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More questions to ask learning providers

Costs and funding

  • What funding do you receive to support the training costs and where does that funding come from?

  • Do funding contributions differ by age or number of apprentices?

  • Would my business need to make a contribution and, if so, how much?

  • Can you outline other costs involved? For example, registration fees, travel expenses or equipment.

Supporting apprentices

  • How do you support apprentices and how does that vary for apprentices who are struggling?

  • What materials and resources will the learner have access to throughout their apprenticeship?

  • How do you expect me as an employer to support the apprentice with their learning?

  • Will you inform me how my apprentice is progressing?

  • How do you support employers to help apprentices?

  • If I have concerns about the service or about the apprentice’s progress, who should I contact?

Wondering how apprenticeships are funded?

Levels of funding vary from across different apprenticeships. We can fill you in on what funding will be available to you.

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