Foundation Apprenticeship


What's Automotive like?

The Automotive Foundation Apprenticeship will teach you about the car and transport industry. You might choose this course if you're interested in being a mechanic or engineer. You may want to sell cars or parts, or learn more about the industry.

Automotive jobs involve using exciting new technology and are vital to Scotland. The industry covers a range of jobs, such as:

  • light motor vehicle technician

  • heavy motor vehicle technician

  • auto electrical technician

  • roadside assistance engineer

  • parts distribution operative

The automotive industry contributes greatly to the Scottish economy. There's a wide range of careers and development opportunities for all.

Entry requirements

If you're staying on at school, you can apply for a Foundation Apprenticeship.

How does it work?

You'll complete your Foundation Apprenticeship at school, alongside your other subjects. You'll learn with a provider, such as a college, and work with an employer on a practical project. It'll give your career a head-start, and look great on your CV.

How long will it take?

It should take 1 year. You could start in S3, S4, S5 or S6. 

How to apply

If you're in S3 to S6, you can do a Foundation Apprenticeship. 

Want to do a Foundation Apprenticeship at SCQF Level 4 or 5, like this one? Speak to your guidance teacher or careers adviser to see what's available in your school.