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If you're thinking of hiring a Modern Apprentice, you probably have a lot of questions. We've pulled together a list of the most frequently asked questions to help you find the answers you need.

Who pays for the training?

Skills Development Scotland contribute towards the training costs – we pay this directly to the training provider. You agree the full cost of the training with the provider and pay the balance directly to them.

Who pays the Modern Apprentice's salary?

The Modern Apprentice will be just like any other employee of your business, so you'll  pay their wages. Make sure you pay a salary that attracts the best people. Remember you must pay at least the National Minimum Wage.

Reminder for employers: From the 1 April 2018, the National Minimum wage for apprentices will increase to £3.70 per hour.

What about travel costs?

Just like any other employee, a Modern Apprentice would normally pay their own way to and from work. It’s likely they’ll have to travel to college or the training provider’s premises. It’s normal practice for employer to pay these costs.

Who pays for the MA’s equipment?

You’ll provide the tools and equipment a Modern Apprentice needs to do their job.

What are frameworks, and how do they work?

A framework sets out the skills, knowledge and competencies needed to carry out a job. There are more than 80 frameworks, covering a huge range of jobs. Each framework is put together by a sector skills council, working closely with employers. Frameworks will cover:

  • The relevant SCQF/MA level or an alternative competency based qualification

  • The core skills included

  • Details of any industry-specific training

A framework is at the heart of each Modern Apprenticeship programme offered by a training provider.

Find a framework to suit your business.

Will there be a framework for the job I have in mind?

Chances are there will be - there are over 80 frameworks, and most cover lots of different roles.

If you have a job title in mind, it’s easy to find the right framework using our framework search.

However, if the role you have in mind isn’t covered by any of the frameworks, please get in touch using the employer support request.

How will I know if you reject an MA vacancy I post on your site?

We rarely decline a vacancy, but if this happens we’ll send an email to the address we have registered for your business. If you don’t see it in your inbox, check your spam or junk folder.

A vacancy might be rejected simply because it doesn’t qualify under the MA rules. If we have any doubts or concerns, we’ll always phone you to clarify these issues before making a decision. The email will include our reasons for declining.

You can also log in to your dashboard where you’ll be able to find the status of all of your vacancies. Any that have been declined will be clearly marked with a triangle and exclamation mark. You’ll be able to upload and re-submit the vacancy if any errors caused it to be declined.

How can I make sure a potential MA is right for the role?

It’s bad for everyone if an MA starts their apprenticeship, then leaves shortly after because the training isn’t suitable for them or they’re not committed to the role. That’s one reason why all MAs must have an initial assessment, normally within their first two weeks of starting.

If you’re concerned, you can arrange for an extended assessment period during the months before they start the MA. This gives you time to decide if this apprenticeship is the right choice. During this extended period you must pay the potential MA at least the National Minimum Wage as they’re not eligible for the apprenticeship rate at this stage.

Where can I advertise my vacancies?

You can advertise a Modern Apprenticeship vacancy on our website – it’s completely free.

Can I submit one MA job ad to cover multiple positions?

Yes, if the positions are all for the same role and at the same location, you can treat it as one vacancy. Remember to state the number of positions in your ad.

Can I submit one MA job ad for multiple positions in different locations?

No. Even if the role is exactly the same, you have to upload a new vacancy for each location. However, you can clone the first vacancy and use it for any others – just remember to change the location each time.

I’m having trouble uploading an MA vacancy. Can you help me?

[LINK TO] tells you how to get in touch.


Why was the job title changed on an MA job ad I posted?

To help candidates find your opportunity and understand what’s expected of them, we sometimes change a job title in the search results. However, the actual job title of your vacancy won’t change.

Can I add a vacancy without saying who the employer is?

You need to include the employer details when you upload the vacancy. If you choose, you can hide the employer’s information in the ad. However, we don’t recommend hiding the employer’s name; it’s helpful if MAs know as much as possible about the job they’re applying for.

I want to upload my logo. What type of file do you accept?

We can accept png and jpeg files. The logo dimensions should be a minimum of 300 pixels wide and 300 pixels high and the file size shouldn’t exceed 500Kb.

Can I bulk upload multiple vacancies?

There’s no bulk upload facility. However, it’s easy to clone vacancies – this is a good way to speed things up when you have lots of vacancies to upload.

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