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I want to do an MA. How do I find out what's available?

There are hundreds of jobs that are suitable for Modern Apprenticeships. You’ll find lots of them advertised on this website. Use the search to find them by keyword, industry type or location.

Find the latest MA vacancies.

Am I eligible for an MA?

If you’re aged 16 to 24 you can apply to become an MA. You might also need some qualifications. Usually that's at least three National 4s, but it can vary from role to role.

However, you can’t apply for an MA if you’re:

  • At school, college or university full-time

  • An overseas national who is subject to an employment restriction or to a time limit on your stay in Great Britain – or both. But if you’re a refugee or asylum seeker, you can apply

  • Already on an employment, training or enterprise scheme that’s funded by the government or Skills Development Scotland

  • In custody as a prisoner, or on remand

If you’re over 24, you might still get a contribution to your training costs depending on what industry you’re in.

This includes automotive, chemicals and biotechnology, construction and related industries, creative and cultural skills, engineering and energy, financial services, food and drink, hospitality and tourism, transport and logistics, and some sport, health and social care apprenticeships.

I’ve been let go by my employer and haven’t completed my MA. What can I do now?

Get in touch with your learning provider – there might be a similar MA opportunity available with another employer.

Skills Development Scotland isn’t able to offer a placement service for people who haven't completed their apprenticeship.

Does the MA cover the costs of my travel to work?

No, you’ll be expected to cover your own travel costs, just like any other employee.

I travel to college every week. Can I claim my travel expenses?

Not usually – travel expenses to college aren’t covered by the MA. However, your employer may be prepared to pay some or all of your college travel expenses. Ask your employer or learning provider when you meet them.

Will I get paid for the time I spend at college?

Yes. You’ll be an employee of the company that’s offering the MA, and your contract of employment will set out the number of hours in your working week. Time spent at college is part of your working week.

I applied for an MA post on your website but didn’t get a reply. How can I find out what happened?

If the ad is still on the site, you could try to get in touch with the employer or learning provider who posted the vacancy. If the ad has been taken down and you remember the names of the employer and trainer, you could try getting in touch with them through their own website.

What happens when I start an MA? How will I know if it’s right for me?

The learning provider will keep in touch with you all through the process of applying and starting work. Before the end of the first week they’ll carry out an initial assessment of your existing qualifications, experience and previous employment.

The assessment is designed to make sure you have a reasonable prospect of completing the course. It’s also an opportunity for you to decide if this Modern Apprenticeship is really what you want to do.

Not sure? You can agree with your learning provider and employer to extend the assessment period – this will give you more time to decide.

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