Help for current Modern Apprentices

Your questions answered

Got a question about your Modern Apprenticeship? If you can’t find the answer here, speak to your training provider or employer.

How much should I get paid as a Modern Apprentice?

You should get paid at least the National Minimum Wage for an apprentice. You can find pay rates on the UK government website and on the ACAS website.

Some sectors have agreed higher rates of pay for apprentices. For example, there are set national rates for construction workers, electricians and agriculture workers. Your employer or training provider will be able to tell you more about this.

I’m being paid less than the National Minimum Wage. What should I do?

Speak to your employer. Tell them you think you should be getting paid more and ask them to explain how they calculated your pay. Remember, if they’ve been underpaying you, they’ll have to make up the difference too.

If that doesn't work, raise a formal grievance with your employer or make a complaint to HMRC.

Should I get paid while I’m at college on day release?

Yes. If you think you’re not getting paid for any time you spend being trained at or away from the workplace, speak to your employer.

Do I need to pay for my training or any personal protective equipment I need to do my job?

No. It’s up to your employer to pay for your training and provide you with personal protective equipment. If that’s not happening, speak to your training provider.

What holidays do I get as a Modern Apprentice?

Every worker in the UK is entitled to a minimum number of paid holidays. Find out more about holidays on the UK government website.

Am I allowed time away from work to study for my Modern Apprenticeship?

Check your Individual Training Plan. It should include details of any training that takes place at and away from the workplace, for example, at college. It should also give you information about when your formal progress reviews will take place and when you should complete your Modern Apprenticeship. If this information is unclear or missing from your plan, speak to your training provider or your employer.

I’m not happy with my training. Who should I speak to?

Tell your employer and explain what you think is wrong with your training. It’s in their interest to make sure you’re getting the right training. Or you can speak directly to your training provider to let them know your concerns.

If I move employer can I still carry on with my Modern Apprenticeship?

That’s up to your new employer – ask them before you decide to move. Your training provider might be able to help you explore your options with your new employer.

I’ve been made redundant. Does this mean I can’t finish my Apprenticeship?

There’s lots of support to help you find another job and complete your Modern Apprenticeship.

If you’ve been told that you’ll be made redundant, speak to your training provider right away.

I have a concern or question about my mental health. Can my employer help?

Most employers will be sympathetic and do everything they can to help the people in their organisation.

Employers also have legal duties around mental health, particularly where someone has been clearly identified as having a mental health difficulty, e.g. through a GP or other health professional’s diagnosis.

Find out more about your mental health at work and how your employer can help, in our resource Mental health at work - a resource for Apprentices.

How long will my Modern Apprenticeship take?

It depends on the type and level of apprenticeship, the industry and how much experience you have in the role. Your Individual Training Plan will set out your expected completion date.

When I finish my Modern Apprenticeship, can I do one at a higher level?

Yes, however there are a few things you and your employer need to consider. Will your job role change to support the move to a higher level apprenticeship? Are you personally ready to take that next step? Is your existing or new employer prepared to support you through another apprenticeship? These are just some of the things you and your employer need to chat through.

How can I save on bus and train fares?

Use your Young Scot card. It’s for anyone aged 11 to 25, and it gets you discounts on lots of things, including cheaper bus and train fares until your 19th birthday. Apply on the Young Scot website.