Application and tendering

SDS will publish the notices for Modern Apprenticeships on Public Contracts Scotland’s website, for both learning provider and direct employer contracts, on Tuesday 8 January 2019.  

Estimated timeline for new contracts:

  • 8 January 2019: SDS publishes notices on Public Contracts Scotland
  • 10 January: Bidders can access documentation on Public Contracts Scotland
  • 7 February (noon): Bids to be submitted
  • 11 March: Notification of awards – standstill period
  • 26 March: Award of contracts

Find information below about what you have to do to start the process.

Your checklist

During this time, make sure that you:

  • Register on Public Contracts Scotland. Set up notifications on the site, so that you know when invitations to learning providers and employers to bid for MA contracts go live.

  • You'll be asked to complete an Invitation to Tender. This asks you to provide details about previous experience of delivering similar programmes.

  • Complete a Proposal and Volume Bid (you should complete this at the same time as your Invitation to Tender). This lets you describe what you wish to deliver, the areas you want to be considered for a contract, and the number of places you're requesting.

  • Review the Modern Apprenticeship programme conditions and other guidance and policies (linked below).

  • Confirm at bidding that you have Awarding Body and Sector Skills Council approvals. You can find information about the relevant Awarding Body and Sector Skills Council in the framework document for the Modern Apprenticeship(s) you're offering.