Once your participant has finished their Modern Apprenticeship - or left or had training interrupted - there's some final things to check off. The final outcome payment will be made after you've provided the right evidence.

Your checklist

During this time:

  • You need to provide evidence that the participant has completed their full Modern Apprenticeship from the Sector Skills organisation, and evidence of achievement of the full qualification from the Awarding Body, before the final outcome payment can be made.

  • You should inform your Skills Investment Advisor immediately, in writing, if the participant's training is temporarily interrupted, for any reason.

  • If the participant leaves the programme or ceases employment, enter leaving details into FIPS immediately. You'll find more information in FIPS guidance.

    For MAs who have been made redundant, there's a different process. In some cases, they may be approved to remain in training for up to 12 weeks following redundancy. Under MA programme conditions, you as a provider must support the participant in looking for alternative employment. This includes working with relevant Sector Skills Organisations to identify opportunities. You may wish to discuss the Adopt an Apprentice scheme with potential employers.

  • When a participant leaves a programme, you need to enter their unit achievement to the appropriate Awarding Body database or system no later than four weeks after their leaving date.