Training delivery

When your apprentices have been recruited and have started their training, you'll keep up to date through reviews and assessments.

Your Skills Investment Adviser will contact you regularly to review your training delivery, and get feedback to help inform your continuous quality improvement process.

Your checklist

During this time:

  • Maintain, and keep up to date, all information on FIPS. Your Skills Investment Adviser will guide you on how to monitor confirmation of Modern Apprenticeship starts, milestones and outcomes

  • The participant will receive a notification, generated automatically through FIPS, asking them to validate their registration. If the participant fails to validate, SDS will suspend their registration as an MA. See FIPS guidance for further information.

  • Throughout the contract term, you must notify SDS immediately of anything that may affect the contract. Such as, changes to sub-contractors, signatories or delegated authorities, changes to Awarding Body approvals (new additions, holds or withdrawal).

  • Each participant's progress must be reviewed and assessed at least every 13 weeks throughout the duration of the programme.

  • You must enter unit achievement to the appropriate Awarding Body database or system as soon as reasonably practical after the participant completes each milestone.

  • You need to share completed Participant Progress Review with the participant, and their employer, six working days after each review.

  • You and the participant must sign and date the Quarterly Progress Review.

  • If requested by SDS, you must make participant portfolios available immediately.

  • You can claim Milestone payments when you've met all the obligations under the MA Provider Contract and Contract Schedule. Each part of the qualification, as broken down in the Payment Plan, needs to be achieved in line with the requirements of the awarding body.

  • Following each payment claim SDS will contact the participant (who is required to validate progress by their preferred method of contact eg. email or SMS) and will gather feedback from participants and employers, to confirm information related to their training

  • Your Skills Investment Advisor will contact you regularly to review delivery and to gather feedback to inform your continuous quality improvement process. Any areas of improvement will be captured in your development plan.