Training delivery

Training delivery

Once you recruit Foundation Apprentices, your Development and Delivery Executive (DDE) will schedule visits to review your training delivery. This includes getting feedback from the apprentices and employers to help with continuous improvement.    

Before training  

Ensure the apprentice journey is clear from the recruitment to achievement and completion. You should also set up an induction for employers and the learner.   

Work with the employer 

Make sure employers are signed up for work placements and that the learning hours in the Foundation Apprenticeship Framework are met.  You can find the frameworks for your Foundation Apprenticeship in our publications area

Meeting requirements 

Your delivery model must meet the  product specification and follow an appropriate assessment strategy. You will need to review and assess each apprentice’s progress and then share and agree this with them, the employer and school.   

Your DDE will get in touch to review your delivery. They will also highlight areas of good practice and where you could make adjustments.    

For the apprentice 

Each apprentice needs to agree with and sign their Individual Learning Plan. You should also invite them to register on My World of Work.   

Make sure you have support in place for apprentices who are at risk of leaving early or not completing the Foundation Apprenticeship.